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  • ITU announces the TO Selection for Tokyo 2020 Olympics and Paralympics


    ITU is pleased to announce the complete selection of Technical Officials for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. There will be 42 National Federations represented on one or both Olympic and Paralympic Games, and 47% of the Officials selected are female, the highest percentage in history for ITU.

    With potential candidates being Level 2 and Level 3 officials as of January 2019, the National Federations pre-selected a total of 146 International Technical Officials. The ITU Technical Committee and the Technical Delegates has approved the list of 28 names for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and 27 for the Paralympics.

    In a significant move to push for gender balance within our sport, ITU has selected 12 female out of the 28 Olympic Games Officials and 13 out of 27 in the case of the Paralympic Games.

    All five Continents are represented in this selection, with Technical Officials coming from countries with a very strong tradition in the sport but also from new development countries. Several National Federations will send Technical Officials without any representation in the previous edition of the Games in Rio – in some cases even in any previous editions – such as Barbados, Bahrain, Chinese Taipei, Germany, Mauritius, Romania, Serbia, St Kitts and Nevis, Sweden and Trinidad and Tobago.

    There will be 16 International Technical Officials in both Olympic and Paralympic Games, without any former experience on such level of competitions, which shows the growth of competent officials in the last years.

    The ITU has also selected the Medical Delegate for both events, who will be Dr. Sergio Migliorini (ITA) for the Olympic Games and Dr. Doug Hiller (USA) for the Paralympic Games.

    Also, the Japanese Federation has selected the National Technical Officials for both events, with 50% of the elected being female.

    In both Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Technical Officials will join the team of formerly selected Technical Delegates of Melody Tan, Jorge Garcia and Thanos Nikopoulos.

    Officials for the Olympic Games
    Gustavo Svane M ARG
    Frank Stapleton M AUS
    Dirk Bogaert M BEL
    Gustavo Neves Abade M BRA
    Kelly Mahoney F CAN
    Zhiqiang Wang M CHN
    Vicente Sanchez Ros M ESP
    Sandrine Crosnier F FRA
    Sarah Taylor - Hough F GBR
    Howard Vine M GBR
    Jan Philipp Krawczyk M GER
    Rebecca Mok F HKG
    Kyung Sook Kim F KOR
    Alan Ma M MAC
    Martha Eugenia Yeo Solana F MEX
    Irving Isaac Zavala Romo M MEX
    Floriane St Louis F MRI
    Sander Verheuvel M NED
    Line Amlund Hagen F NOR
    Claire Hannan F NZL
    Mario Carvalho M POR
    Adina Dusa F ROU
    Omar Abu Bakar M SGP
    Ljudmila Medan F SRB
    Jason Gooding M TTO
    Stevee Espling F USA
    Olga Blokhina F UZB
    David Ellis M ZIM

    Koji Koganezawa M JPN
    Tsuyoshi Kakuta M JPN
    Kosuke Furugo M JPN
    Masato Suzuki M JPN
    Ryo Kadoya M JPN
    Mika Baba F JPN
    Noriko Yamamoto F JPN
    Miki Nagatsuka F JPN
    Naoko Motoshima F JPN
    Tomoko Kato F JPN

    Medical Delegate Dr. Sergio Migliorini M ITA

    Technical Officials for the Paralympic Games

    Lyndell Murray F AUS
    Friedrich Schwarz M AUT
    Adrian Sinckler M BAR
    Abbas Moosa Buhassan M BHR
    Marie-Claude Gregoire F CAN
    Ulf Schuetze M CAN
    Lijuan He F CHN
    Monica Flores Ferreiro F ESP
    Pascal Godel M FRA
    Masie Bancewicz F GBR
    Andreas Galanos M GRE
    Leslie Poujol Brown F HON
    Dora Rozsa F HUN
    Hugh McAtamney M IRL
    Laura Patti F ITA
    Woo Kyong Ki M KOR
    Aleksandr Kochetkov M LTU
    Adele Cheah F MAS
    Esteban Alejandro Benitez M MEX
    Ross Capill M NZL
    Travis Campbell M RSA
    Si Ying Ong F SGP
    Winston Crooke M SKN
    Michael Kurth M SUI
    Gunilla Bergstrom F SWE
    Andrew Tai M TPE
    Catherine Jennings F ZIM
    Satoshi Hanai M JPN
    Takamichi Fukai M JPN
    Hiroshi Unno M JPN
    Daisuke Iguchi M JPN
    Mitsuhiko Hasegawa M JPN
    Naomi Ishii F JPN
    Tomoko Oda F JPN
    Toshiko Tomori F JPN
    Miyuki Kanai F JPN
    Chiaki Nagae F JPN
    Medical Delegate Dr. Doug Hiller M USA

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