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  • Tokyo 2020 Welcomes Kadokawa Corporation as Official Supporter -- Sponsor Spotlight


    Tokyo 2020 Welcomes Kadokawa Corporation as Official Supporter 

    (ATR) The organizing committee for Tokyo 2020 announced Kadokawa Corporation as an official supporter, the third domestic tier of the sponsorship program.
    (Kadokawa Corporation)

    "Kadokawa has supported Japanese cultural activities for many years, and I am confident their publishing services will help us to disseminate the excitement of the Tokyo 2020 Games to many people,” Yoshiro Mori, Tokyo 2020 President, said in a statement.

    Representative Director and President of Kadokawa, Masaki Matsubara also spoke out about the announcement.

    Matsubara commented "We will contribute to the Tokyo 2020 Games' success through providing services by way of delivering event related information as well as each exciting and touching moments, all to be captured in the "form" of publications and delivered to the multitude of visitors coming from all parts of the world."

    Kadokawa is the 15th official supporter of Tokyo 2020. A total of 62 domestic partners have signed up in all three tiers of the program.

    Instacup tea and coffee products at 2nd European Games

    Turan Iskandarov, director of Instacup Trade LLC, and MEGOC CEO George Katulin sign agreement (Minsk 2019)
    Instacup, a brand of tea and coffee products, announced it will become the 2nd European Games official supplier after signing a cooperation agreement in Minsk. 

    In this agreement, "Instacup will offer its products as part of the catering for the participants and volunteers of the 2nd European Games on a sponsorship basis." The cups will also be sold to spectators at the venues and in fan zones.

    For the Minsk European Games Organizing Committee (MEGOC), this exclusive agreement is a huge milestone due to the fact that it sets an example of attracting large international brands to the multi-sports competition. 

    CEO of Minsk European Games Organizing Committee, George Katulin commented on the agreement, noting "It’s always nice when there are companies that are ready to support and sponsor the 2nd European Games. This indicates at the significance of the event for Belarus and for the international community." 

    Written by Greer Wilson

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