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  • Swedish Sports Minister Talks Up 2026 Olympic Bid


    (ATR) Amanda Lind says the race for the 2026 Winter Games is going to the wire.

    Amanda Lind, Swedish minister for culture, democracy and sports (Sandra Fogelberg/Stockholm-Åre 2026)
    The IOC will choose between Stockholm-Åre and Milan-Cortina in a vote at the Session in Lausanne on June 24.

    Speaking about her support for the bid with just four weeks until the vote, the Swedish minister for culture, democracy and sports said: “The tension is building up.

    “I understand that it is an even race between Stockholm-Åre and Milan-Cortina. I hope, of course, that Sweden wins and comes away with the positive decision.”

    “I’ll follow the vote as closely as I can and wait for what I hope will be good news. It will be a very nervous day, that’s for sure.”

    Lind has been vocal in her support of the Olympic bid push since the Swedish government last month backed the capital city’s ambition to secure the Games.

    Stockholm 2026 has been clear about its ambition to deliver the most sustainable Winter Games in history, which aligns with the IOC’s approach to the environment and sustainability.

    “I’m very positive about Olympic Agenda 2020,” says Lind. “It is a very good foundation and if Sweden were to host the Games, I look forward to Stockholm-Åre 2026 implementing it.”

    View from the top of the 120m ski jump in Falun (Stockholm-Åre 2026)
    “Sweden can show that it’s possible to deliver an Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games in a sustainable way, both socially, environmentally and economically,” she said, also emphasizing the importance of tackling climate change to protect winter sports.

    Lind said that the Swedish bid’s plan to hold Olympic competitions in Stockholm, Åre, Falun and Sigulda, Latvia, building only where and when strictly necessary was an area where Sweden could set a new standard for future Games.

    “It’s absolutely necessary to follow these guidelines; sports must be serious and responsible when it comes to climate and environmental issues,” she said.

    “Part of it is to use facilities that already exist, and not to build new ones. Carrying out the competitions both as climate-smart and as economically as possible are areas that permeate the Stockholm Åre 2026 plan.”

    Lind suggested Stockholm’s experience as a sports event host, especially winter sports, was something IOC voters should seriously consider when they vote.

    “When winter sport events are arranged in Stockholm, there is a fantastic party atmosphere and festival,” she said.

    “Just look at the Palace Sprint, or the Alpine World Cup competitions at Hammarbybacken. There’s definitely great interest and passion for winter sports amongst Stockholmers.”

    The IOC will publish its evaluation commission report on the 2026 candidates on Friday at 11am Lausanne time.

    Homepage photo: Stockholm-Åre 2026

    Reported by Mark Bisson

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