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  • ICSS INSIGHT briefs the French National Parliament on good governance in sport


    With the aim of reforming and modernising the national sport structure, the French Government recently invited ICSS INSIGHT to brief Parliament on sport integrity and existing best practice in the field of good governance in sport.

    As part of a programme to collect input and data for the drafting of the new Bill of Law on ‘Sport and Society’, ICSS INSIGHT was invited due to its work in the sector of sport-integrity policy.

    The ICSS Insight contributed its expertise to an audience of over 200 senior representatives of the French sport movement and Members of Parliament (MPs).

    Speaking at the Parliament, ICSS INSIGHT Senior Expert on Sport Integrity, Mallorie Trannois said:

    “More than ever, sport is a reflection of our society, involving multiple aspects and increasing challenges. It is therefore unsurprising that the questions relating to sport's governance have been shaking the international sports movement for some years now.”

    The preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games has been a catalyst for France to strengthen its efforts towards the development of the most advanced governance structure, one capable of meeting the growing challenges in the field of good governance in sport.

    n a recent statement, the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron, underlined his willingness to "build a clearer and more effective governance of French sports federations in order to redefine the organisation of sports policy at national level".

    The new Bill entitled ‘Sport and Society’ aims at building a new French sports model, grounded in good governance and democracy in sport. In this context, ICSS INSIGHT was invited to contribute to a high-level debate in light of the experience developed by the organisation in the field of sport integrity, specifically its work, conducted in collaboration with UNESCO, UNODC, the European Union, the Council of Europe and the University of Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne.

    During the briefing, ICSS INSIGHT representative, Mallorie Trannois, invited the organisations involved in the Parliamentary briefing, to join SIGA, the Sport Integrity Global Alliance which ICSS INSIGHT is a founding member of and which was created to promote continuous reform in the sport integrity field.

    INSIGHT CEO Massimiliano Montanari concluded: “We feel honoured to be involved in what is such an important step being undertaken by the French legislator. We are delighted to be able to share the international knowledge we have at the ICSS and to support the development of good governance and sport-integrity legislation at this national level”.



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    ICSS INSIGHT is a non-profit entity established under the umbrella of the International Centre for Sport Security (ICSS) to assist governments, international bodies, sport organisations, civil society and the business sector in the development of advanced policies, through a multisectoral approach, to safeguard sport.

    ICSS INSIGHT acts as a global hub for ideas and solutions to help policy and decision-makers understand and proactively address threats to sport, while recognising and unlocking the full potential of sport to foster socio-economic development.

    The organisation pays particular attention to sport security-related policies, sport integrity, the protection of children in the context of sport, including but not limited to, young athletes and crime prevention in sport at large.

    ICSS INSIGHT is headquartered in London, and operates from offices in Doha, and Brussels, where ICSS Insight co-founded the House of Sports.

    For further information and if you are interested in obtaining additional information, please contact:

    Mallorie TRANNOIS


    Paris, FRANCE

    Nadeesha RATHNAYAKE


    Doha, QATAR

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