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  • ATR First: Oman in Line for ANOC Assembly, Beach Games


    (ATR) The sultanate of Oman is poised to host the world’s national Olympic committees as well as the first edition of the ANOC World Beach Games.

    Multiple sources confirm to Around the Rings the certainty of the switch but an official announcement is still pending from the Association of National Olympic Committees headquartered in Lausanne. ANOC represents the 206 NOCs recognized by the IOC.

    The venue change follows ANOC withdrawing the inaugural beach games from San Diego, California late last month. The event was to take place in October, preceded by the annual ANOC general assembly.

    Organizers in San Diego say they were unable to find the private financing needed to pay for the games. In its formal announcement of the termination of San Diego as host, ANOC said it was seeking a new venue in a country which could provide the financial support needed for the event.

    The hold-up naming Oman as the new host is said to be finding a suitable date with comfortable weather.

    Temperatures in October are in the neighborhood of 40c, too hot for safe sport. In late November, the heat drops to 30c, a trend that continues in December. That was the month in 2010 when Oman played host to the second edition of the Asian Beach Games.

    The ANOC World Beach Games are the first commercial multi-sport event to be developed by ANOC. Originally planned for 2017, the timetable was moved to 2019 when San Diego asked for more time to secure funding.

    The inaugural event is expected to draw about 1400 competitors from 70 nations. The program includes 14 sports.

    When word first came about the withdrawal of San Diego and the likelihood of Oman taking over, the location of the ANOC general assembly was still a question to be answered. ATR is told that the meeting, which draws upwards of 700 participants, is now being planned for Muscat.

    The IOC Executive Board customarily meets on the sidelines of the ANOC assembly. Currently the EB’s final meeting of the year is scheduled for Lausanne in December.

    Reported by Ed Hula. For general comments or questions, click here.

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