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  • Roundup of the 2019 IWF Junior World Championships


    Emphasizing the importance of this championship in the life of Fiji, the President of Fiji, Major-General (Ret’d) Jioji Konusi Konrote attended the event and demonstrated the warmest hospitality to the weightlifting family. “Fiji is proud to host this important event and the Fijians are doing their best to make everybody feel at home. Never before have so many countries been represented at a sports event in Fiji,”

    The event was included in the “Voices of the Athletes” Schools Program, which meant students from 12 Fiji schools had the chance to witness an event of this size. Weightlifting Fiji, under the leadership of Atma Maharaj, expects to spark further interest in weightlifting. “We want to be able to set up new high-performance centers in our country,” Mr. Maharaj said. “We want to be able to propel the sport even further.”

    IWF has chosen NYE Katherine Elizabeth (USA) and OPELOGE Don (SAM) for the Best Lifters of the JWC. NYE won the women's 71kg bodyweight category with a whopping 36kg advantage over the second finisher, while OPELOGE excelled in men's 89kg category, winning the first gold medal for Samoa on a Junior World Championships.

    In total, 235 athletes participated, 105 women and 130 men from 41 countries. At the women, China won the medal tally (11,1,0), followed by KAZ (6,0,0) and VIE (3,3,0). At the men, Uzbekistan had the most medals (6,0,0) then EGY (3,0,0) and IRI (2,4,9).

    The favorable results of the IWF’s serious Anti-Doping program and Education, providing a level playing field for all, were clearly visible at this Championships: countries with no World Championships gold medal record now stepped forward like Samoa and New Zealand!

    Women's Team Classification: 1. USA (615), 2. KOR (431), 3.TUR (409)

    Men's Team Classification: 1. IRI (622), 2. USA (552), 3. JPN (521)

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