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  • Landmark Anti-Doping Agreement for Surfing -- Federation Focus


    (ATR) The International Surfing Association (ISA) and the World Surf League (WSL) team up on a comprehensive anti-doping program.

    Surfing federation and professional league collaborating on anti-doping efforts (ISA/Sean Evans)
    The agreement between an international federation and the associated professional league is unprecedented and is designed to ensure that the world’s best surfers are eligible for the sport’s Olympic debut in 2020 in Tokyo.

    As a professional, independent body, the WSL is not a formal signatory to the WADA code – a requirement for athletes or events seeking Olympic eligibility. But with 2019 WSL Championship Tour (CT) events serving as qualifiers for Tokyo 2020, the WSL has agreed to a restructured anti-doping program.

    The program will be run in accordance with the WADA Code and the ISA’s Anti-doping Rules and will be administered by the WSL and the International Testing Authority (ITA).

    “I am proud today to see WSL and ISA work together to adopt such a rigorous approach to clean sport. We are on the cusp of a special era in Surfing’s history, and I am excited to be entering this era with robust processes and partners,” said ISA President Fernando Aguerre in a statement.

    ITA Director General Benjamin Cohen applauded the agreement, saying it “represents an outstanding achievement which underlines the commitment to clean sport of both surfing bodies and may serve as an example for similar partnerships between other international sports federations and their professional leagues.”

    No More "Ladies" For FIS

    No more "ladies" emanating from FIS headquarters (FIS)
    The International Ski Federation (FIS) changes its official terminology in the English language from “Ladies” to “Women”.

    The FIS Council approved the proposal at its recent meeting in Croatia. It means that the federations will no longer use “Ladies” in any applicable places, including its website and official communications.

    The federation has requested that national ski associations and all stakeholders start using the new terminology of “Women” when communicating in English for day-to-day business.

    FIS says it realizes that implementing the change will require a transition period.

    The federation emphasizes that the change does not apply for French or German, where the previous FIS terminology will remain, mirroring the terminology of the IOC using: “Women, Dames, Damen”.

    Tokyo Hosts Countdown Event for Rugby World Cup

    The Tokyo Metropolitan Government will host a “100-Day Countdown Event” for the 2019 Rugby World Cup on Sunday.

    Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike and Akira Shimazu, CEO of the organizing committee, are among those attending the event.

    A new “100-Day Countdown” promotion leading up to the opening of the World Cup will be revealed.

    World Rugby’s showpiece tournament kicks off on September 20 at Tokyo Stadium. The final is scheduled for Nov. 2 in Yokohama.

    MMA Fed Has Court Date with WADA

    The world governing body of MMA says its pending court case with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) will be heard on Sept. 4 in Lausanne.

    CEO Densign White (left) with medalists at the 2019 Asian Open Championships (IMMAF-WMMAA)
    The International Mixed Martial Arts Federation (IMMAF-WMMAA) is challenging the rejection of its prior application to become a WADA signatory on the grounds of infringement of its personality rights according to Swiss law.

    The federation says that despite meeting all WADA criteria for compliance, the agency rejected its application.

    WADA acceptance is needed for any federation wishing to become a member of the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF), the umbrella organization for international sports federations.

    GAISF recognition is important because it is the accepted pathway to eventual inclusion on the Olympic program, which is a long-term goal of IMMAF-WMMAA.

    “WADA is supposed to be a fully independent body but maintain that they need a green light from GAISF to accept IMMAF - WMMAA as a signatory, despite us being fully compliant according to the WADA Code,”  said IMMAF - WMMAA CEO Densign White in a statement.

    “At the same time, GAISF continues to reject our application for Observer status without good cause or explanation. There is a vicious circle that we must now break.”

    Kuwait Newest IFF Member

    The International Floorball Federation now has 73 members with the addition of Kuwait.

    The Kuwait Floorball Committee (KFC) was approved by the IFF Central Board.

    The Kuwaiti association was only founded on Feb. 13 of this year. It will become the 16th member of the Asia Oceania Floorball Confederation. Fahad Raed Alkhamees serves as the KFC president.

    Written by Gerard Farek

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