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    The Breakers announces its 27 -strong roster ahead of October 18-19 ISL season opener.

    NY Breakers becomes New York City’s newest professional sports team, joining the elite cast of names including the Yankees, Mets, Knicks and Rangers and many others.

    Olympic medalist and New York native Lia Neal and Five-time World Champion Michael Andrew head a Roster of Olympic, Commonwealth, Pan-American and World stars

    June 18th, 2019 (New York, USA): New York’s newest Professional Sports Team, the New York Breakers, officially announces its roster of 27 swimmers, 15 men’s, and 12/13 women swimmers (2/3 openings remain).

    By announcing its roster of decorated swimmers that will compete in the new International Swimming League (ISL) when it gets underway in October, the Breakers has joined the New York Yankees, Mets, Knicks, Jets, Rangers, Brooklyn Mets, New York Islanders, and New York City Football Club on the city’s world-renowned sporting scene.

    Fronting the Breakers’ gender equal line-up is five-time World Champion and team co-owner, Michael Andrew; Commonwealth and Pan Pacific Champion, Jack McLoughlin; Olympic Gold Medalist, Breeja Larson; and Olympic Silver and Bronze Medalist, and New York native, Lia Neal.

    “It is an absolute honor to be announced as part of the Breakers’ roster,” said Michael Andrew. “I think people will quickly come to know our team not just for the top talent we have competing in the pool but also by our collective team mission to change swimming for the better.

    “We all sense that through the International Swimming League, the sport of swimming is on a journey to modernize and empower athletes like me to unlock our commercial potential. From getting to know my fellow teammates, I know the special spirit we have in our team to deliver in the pool and deliver out of it, too, so that we can open up our sport and make it attractive for others to get involved in. I can’t wait to get our season underway in Texas this October and show the world who we are,” he added.

    “As a native New Yorker, it’s so special to be chosen to compete for my home city’s newest Professional Sports Team, a team which I hope will become as synonymous with New York and captivate the fans as much as the Yankees, Mets and other clubs have over the years,” said Rio 2016 Olympic Games Silver Medalist, Lia Neal.

    “At the Breakers, we are not afraid to do things differently and to ensure that our fans across New York, the U.S., and the world get to know our performances in the pool and our personalities out of it. I think this chimes well with how swimming is trying to transform and how the ISL is trying to make the sport more accessible for legions of new fans and the next generation of potential swimmers. I’m excited and eager to begin this new journey for the team and for our sport,” added Neal.

    With its distinctive New York character, the Breakers will be truly international in its make-up, with no fewer than 6 nations represented on the roster. As one of four American teams competing in the ISL, the Breakers are committed to being driven as much by their performances in the pool as by their personality and passion away from the pool, as Team Manager and Co-Owner, Tina Andrew says.

    “I am proud to unveil my team of 27 wildly talented international swimmers today. These are 27 individuals whose characters, I’m convinced, will become household names to New Yorkers, Americans and swimming fans worldwide” said Andrew.

    “All our swimmers in the Breakers family are driven by a deep desire to rewrite the playbook for the sport of swimming and ensure it empowers them, and others that may be thinking about getting involved in the sport, to become financially successful. By putting power in the hands of the swimmers, the Breakers and the entire ISL can radically change of the sport for the better. That’s a prospect we are hugely excited about as we head towards our season opener in October,” added Andrew.
    The New York Breakers full roster of swimmers is: Michael Andrew (USA), Joao De Luca (Brazil), Chris Reid (South Africa), Pedro Spajari (Brazil), Marcelo Chierighini (Brazil), Jack McLoughlin (Australia), Mack Darragh (Canada), Brad Tandy (South Africa), Jonathan Gomez (Colombia), Clyde Lewis (Australia), Marius Kusch (Germany), Markus Thormeyer (Canada), Jacob Pebley (USA), Marco Koch (Germany); Lia Neal (USA), Madi Wilson (Australia), Ali DeLoof (USA), Gaby DeLoof (USA), Emily Overholt (Canada), Lara Grangeon (France), Haley Black (Canada), and Breeja Larson (USA).
    The Breakers will compete at the following three Meets when the ISL officially begins in October, with the opportunity for a spot at the season-ending Championship in Las Vegas (December 20 - 21 up) for grabs:
    Lewisville, Dallas, Texas, USA (October 18 - 19)
    Budapest, Hungary (October 26 - 27)
    Washington D.C. (November 15 - 17)

    Founded in April 2019, the New York Breakers is New York’s newest Professional Sports Club. With a gender equal 27-swimmer roster, the Breakers aims is to establish a winning culture by writing the playbook for pro swimmers. The team’s mission is to provide a highly competitive and team-oriented professional swim team where character and personhood are valued on the same scale as performance; one where athletes and coaches alike are motivated by a higher purpose than self; and one where the words "team"; and "family" are used interchangeably.

    The Breakers believes in providing financial security and building wealth for every member of the team so that we are all free to perform at our best, making it a reality to make a living in the sport we love. We believe that our values will offer future investors exciting opportunities and reasons to invest in our sport and enter into win/win partnerships. The Breakers will compete in the new International Swimming League (ISL) which gets underway in October 2019.

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