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    Andrea Varnier, CEO of Filmmaster Events, also takes the helm of Filmmaster Productions, in his dual CEO capacity. This appointment marks the beginning of a strategic integration process, with the aim of further boosting business by outlining an even more effective commercial proposal and implementing an increasingly efficient organisational structure, focused on nurturing the growth of the group's finest resources and fulfilling its potential.

    The Filmmaster brand was founded over 40 years ago and has flown the flag of Italian excellence high, at an international level. Filmmaster Productions is market leader in the production of advertisements and audiovideo material, with a track record of over 4 thousand adverts and active collaborations with top Italian and international directors. Filmmaster Events is one of the world's most renowned companies in the creation and production of events, one of just a handful of accredited operators for the creation of Olympic ceremonies.

    Both companies generate an aggregate turnover of 90 million euros, with roughly 100 employees of 20 different nationalities and offices across the globe, from Europe (Milan, Rome, London, Madrid) to the Middle East (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Riyadh), and South America (Rio de Janeiro).

    Andrea Varnier, 56, first entered Filmmaster Events as CEO in February 2017, after an international career spanning three decades in top positions at important organisations. In his last position as CEO of Cerimonias Cariocas 2016 (CC2016), in Brazil from 2012 to 2017, Varnier coordinated a team of 800 people who executed the Olympic and Paralympic ceremonies as well as the Rio 2016 Torch Relay. Under his leadership, Filmmaster Events completed the acquisition and merger of Filmmaster MEA, an affiliate of Filmmaster, one of the most important events companies in the Middle East.

    “I'm delighted to accept this new position: it’s a challenge I willingly accept, trusting the great potential of Filmmaster, a company which has made history in the world of events and audiovisual by accompanying the market through all its changes” – Andrea Varnier declared. “In this phase, marked by the convergence and cross-contamination of languages, the time has come to pool the entire group's extraordinary creative and productive competencies, to bring to life an even stronger corporation” he concludes.

    Filmmaster Productions and Filmmaster Events will continue to operate with separate brands for the time being. Giorgio Marino has been confirmed as Chairman of Filmmaster Productions, while Antonio Abete, Chairman of Filmmaster Events, has also been nominated as Vice Chairman of Filmmaster Productions.

    Filmmaster is part of the IEN – ITALIAN ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK Group, a holding containing top names in the sector of production, cultural entertainment, creativity and events. Civita Cultura also belongs to the Group and is active in the organisation of exhibitions, the management of museum services, communication initiatives and territorial promotion.

    Filmmaster Productions is market leader in the production of commercials. In over 40 years of business it has produced over 4,000 adverts, including some of the most significant campaigns over the last few decades, winning hundreds of national and international awards. The beating heart of Filmmaster Productions has always been the strategic importance it places on research into direction, talent and the experimentation of new languages. A varied roster of seasoned film-makers who have made and continue to make advertising history star alongside young talents, in the pursuit of entirely new paths as the undisputed protagonists of communication in the future. Today Filmmaster Productions has operating offices in Milan, Rome, Madrid and Berlin.

    Filmmaster Events is one of the most renowned companies in the world in the creation and production of events, live shows and ceremonies. The company has been in business for over 40 years and has offices in Europe, the Middle East and South America. Its professionals design unforgettable live events and transform them into reality, combining creativity and innovation with unparalleled project management to serve the goals of the most diverse customers. Thanks to its wealth of experience, the company is one of the few operators in the world accredited to create and produce Olympic ceremonies: its latest productions include the Rio 2016 ceremonies and the torch relay, in partnership with Brazilian company SRCOM in the CC2016 consortium. Filmmaster Events is also the most awarded company in the history of the Best Event Awards.

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