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  • Tokyo 2020 Confirms: With One Year To Go, We're On Track


    With key indicators showing preparations for a successful Games on schedule, many thousands are expected to join in celebrations marking the milestone

    Tokyo, 22 July 2019 – The Tokyo Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games (Tokyo 2020) will celebrate an important milestone on Wednesday 24 July 2019; on this day it will be exactly one year to go until the Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020.

    To mark the occasion, Tokyo 2020 is pleased to announce key facts and figures on the progress being made towards a successful Tokyo 2020 Games. We have also updated our media guide to assist with media coverage and provided footage of venue construction and other materials in Tokyo 2020 press kits. Details are provided in the Appendix at the end of this release.

    Tokyo 2020 Venues
    A total of 43 venues—eight new permanent venues, 25 existing sites and 10 temporary venues— will be used at the Tokyo 2020 Games. Half of the new permanent venues are already completed and the overall preparation of all venues is progressing on schedule.

    The residential buildings of the Olympic Village will be completed in December 2019.
    The residential buildings of the Olympic Village will be completed in December 2019.
    New Permanent Venues Organisation Responsible Scheduled
    % Completion
    (as of June 2019)
    1 Musashino Forest Sport Plaza Tokyo Metropolitan Government Mar. 2017 Completed
    2 Yumenoshima Park Archery Field TMG Feb. 2019 Completed
    3 Sea Forest Waterway TMG May. 2019 Completed
    4 Kasai Canoe Slalom Centre TMG May 2019 Completed*
    5 Oi Hockey Stadium TMG Jun 2019 Completed
    6 Olympic Stadium Japan Sport Council Nov. 2019 90%
    7 Ariake Arena TMG Dec. 2019 83%
    8 Tokyo Aquatics Centre TMG Feb. 2020 75%

    Sustainability: Tokyo 2020 Medal Project
    Tokyo 2020 has achieved its medal project’s collection goals; this will allow the manufacture of all
    5,000 Tokyo 2020 medals from recycled precious metals. The status of collected metals required for
    the medal production is as follows: Gold: 32 kg; Silver: 3,500 kg; Bronze: 2,200 kg.
    The total amounts and numbers of devices donated are as follows:
    Amount of used mobile phones and other small electronic
    devices collected by municipal authorities across Japan
    78,985 tons
    Amount collected by NTT DOCOMO shops across Japan
    (mobile phones only)
    6.21 million

    A total of 1,621 local authorities—46 prefectural governments and 1,575 municipal governments—have
    supported the initiative, representing more than 90% of the local authorities in Japan.
    Sustainability: Recycled Plastic Victory Ceremony Podium Project
    Tokyo 2020 has called on people living in Japan to hand over their household plastic waste so that it can
    be recycled to produce the podium that will be used for the award ceremonies during the Games. In an
    Olympic and Paralympic first, the podium will be manufactured entirely using this plastic and plastic waste
    recovered from the oceans.

    Waste plastic recycling and plastic pollution in the oceans have become issues of concern worldwide;
    Tokyo 2020 therefore intends to use this project to highlight a potential new model for the effective use of
    single-use plastic. It will also contribute to the achievement of key UN Sustainable Development Goals,
    including “Responsible Consumption and Production”, “Underwater Life” and “Partnership
    • People living outside of Japan will be able to purchase tickets through Authorised Ticket Resellers
    (ATRs) in their home countries.
    • ATRs are Tokyo 2020-approved sales channels outside of Japan appointed by National Olympic
    Committees with the exclusive right to sell Games tickets in their respective countries and regions.
    • Overseas ticket sales commenced on 15 June 2019. The sales launch date in each territory may
    vary depending on each ATR’s sales plans and schedules.
    • The list of ATRs can be found at
    Engagement – Tokyo 2020 Participation Programme (as of the end of April 2019)
    Events embodying and supporting the vision of the Tokyo 2020 Games are being held nationwide. These
    encompass eight categories, and organisers are authorised to display one of two specially devised logos
    at their events.
    • 97,800 initiatives and actitivites have already been approved as part of the Tokyo 2020 Official
    Programme or the Tokyo 2020 Support Programme.
    • The number of participants in approved activities has reached more than 79 million.
    Engagement – Tokyo 2020 Volunteers
    A total of 204,680 people in Japan and overseas have applied to participate in the Tokyo 2020 Volunteer
    Programme, with up to 80,000 volunteer opportunities available. The high level of interest in Japan and
    worldwide indicate that people everywhere have high expectations for these Games.
    37,739 Games and City Volunteers applicants took part in a ballot to select the names for their respective
    roles from a prepared shortlist. The names securing the most votes were “Field Cast” for the Games
    volunteers and “City Cast” for the City volunteers, and these will accordingly be adopted going forward.
    Engagement – Social media (as of 15 July 2019)
    Tokyo 2020 has a total of more than 1.5 million social media followers across its official Facebook,
    Instagram, LINE, Twitter and YouTube accounts.A Weibo site was launched this month for Chinese viewers.
    Tokyo 2020 Followers
    • Facebook – 632,552 followers (page likes)
    • Instagram – 179,040 followers
    • LINE – 179,251 accounts
    • Twitter (Japanese) – 313,640 followers
    • Twitter (English) – 154,662 followers
    • YouTube – 39,174 subscribers
    • Weibo – 18,608 followers
    Tokyo 2020 seika (Tokyo 2020 Torch Relay) Followers
    4 / 5
    • Twitter – 4,139 followers
    • Instagram – 1,469 followers
    Marketing – Sponsorship (as of 22 July 2019)
    • The total number of Tokyo 2020 domestic partners has reached 64, including 15 Gold Partners, 32
    Official Partners and 17 Official Supporters, in addition to the 13 Worldwide Olympic Partners.
    • Five companies are acting as Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay Presenting Partners, the highest
    number ever.
    Marketing – Merchandising (as of 12 July 2019)
    • The Tokyo 2020 merchandise catalogue currently contains about 3,500 items.
    • A total of 30 shops across the country are serving residents of Japan and overseas visitors; they
    include outlets in popular tourist destinations such as Kyoto (opened this May) and in Tokyo’s
    landmark Skytree (opened 11 July 2019). A new outlet will open at Narita International Airport on 24
    July 2019.
    You can find more details of licensed products and a list of outlets across Japan here:
    Residents of Japan are also able to purchase the products online.
    Test Events
    Tokyo 2020 has been running test events since September 2018. Most of these are being held in three
    waves. The first wave is focusing on outdoor sports with events being held between June and September
    2019. The second wave will incorporate indoor sports and will be held from October 2019 to February 2020.
    The third series will take place between March and May 2020. Overall, 56 test events will be operated until
    May 2020, some during scheduled domestic and international sporting events that happen to be taking
    place in Japan during the build-up to the Tokyo 2020 Games and others comprising dedicated Olympic and
    Paralympic test events organised by Tokyo 2020 under the name of “READY STEADY TOKYO” .
    Please find details of “READY STEADY TOKYO” events at

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