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  • PanAm Games Head to Chile


    Inside the National Stadium during the Closing Ceremony for Lima 2019. (Lima 2019)
    (ATR) More than 30,000 spectators filled Estadio Nacional de Lima to farewell the athletes from 41 nations.

    Just as with opening ceremony, Lima 2019 presented a closing ceremony spectacle that gave a cultural and historical perspective. Divided into 10 different scenes, the ceremony featured the rhythm and colors of Peru.

    Flagbearers from each nation gathered in the center of the stadium as athletes covered the arena floor.

    The U.S. topped the medal table with 293 total medals, followed by Brazil with 171 and Mexico with 136. In all, 31 nations won a medal in Lima.

    The president of Pan Am Sports, Neven Ilic, gave an emotional speech.

    “This Pan Am edition have open a complete new history page to our institution And the whole American sports. This had bern the biggest Pan Am Games, everything came out great and they have been a reality.

    The Peruvian athletes had their best performance and also the best cheerleaders, who arrived at each venue and gave color and support at each sport. Thanks for making this party a complete party.” Said Illic. 

    Fans in the crowd display their support for Peru. (Lima 2019)
    Carlos Neuhaus, president of the Lima 2019, offered his thanks for the teamwork that made these Games possible.

    “Perú is rich, powerful and capable on doing great things. This Games had been a good example and we demonstrated by hosting the whole continent. If we are unified we can give battle.

    Our athletes accomplished their goals. Now is time for our legacy to take control and start working towards the help of our society, citizens and the whole country.” said Neuhaus.

    While shorter and simpler than the July 24 opening ceremony, special effects, music and fireworks made the two-hour show g a proper celebration of the past 17 days.

    It’s on to Santiago for 2023, with the Chilean flag raised with the national anthem. The red, blue and white colored flag transformed into a 3D projection that became a blue sky, followed by scenes from the Chilean capital.

    The two hour show closed with Peruvian entertainers taking the stage to bring Lima 2019 to a rousing finish.

    Reported by Oivia Diaz Ugalde.

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