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  • Boxing : Declaration of Lima - Peru 2019


    Important Information Olympic Boxing of America.
    August 9th, 2019
    Dear Sir:
    During the past weekend, we met in Lima, Peru, an important group of
    Presidents of Boxing Federations of America, whose signatures appear in the
    document that I am attaching, called “Declaration of Lima, Peru 2019”. In
    this document, we make a series of considerations regarding the situation
    that currently deprives AIBA, the repercussions and its consequences that
    they have had and may have in the immediate future for Olympic boxing.
    In this document we adopt the agreements that we consider most important
    for our sport, among which the following stand out: The Request that all
    current members of the AIBA Executive Committee resign their positions, in
    addition to exercising a “no confidence” vote for the president of the
    American Boxing Confederation, Mr. Osvaldo Bisbal of Argentina, and for Mr.
    Pat Fiacco of Canada; both members of the AIBA Executive Committee for
    In view of the foregoing, I send you the content of our statement so that, if
    you consider it of interest, it will be published in the very important means
    of communication that you represent.
    Ricardo Contreras H.
    Federacion Mexicana de Boxeo, AC

    The undersigned, Presidents of the National Boxing Federations of America, subsidiaries of AMBC and
    AIBA, in the framework of the Pan American Games, we agree to issue the following statement
    regarding the institutional crisis experienced by the International Boxing Association (AIBA). It is our
    firm desire to find an expeditious and definite solution to this very important matter, always in
    accordance with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the fundamental principles
    established by the Olympic Charter.
    THAT, during the last decade, the AIBA has been immersed in a systematic loss of credibility and
    prestige worldwide, as a result of serious and systematic and proven accusations of corruption against
    some of its top executives, aggravated by an obvious lack of good governance and transparency in its
    administration. Furthermore, we must include the judges as part of this institutional failure.
    THAT, questionable actions, of not attending in good faith the principles and values of the Olympic
    Movement, have motivated the intervention of the International Olympic Committee. The IOC has
    demanded superior governance and transparency within AIBA, to follow strict compliance guidelines
    abiding by the rules of the Olympic Charter and the protection of its athletes.
    THAT, several Members of the AIBA Executive Committee, instead of supporting the resolutions and
    actions undertaken by the IOC, chose to challenge them with intimidating pronouncements contrary
    to the principles and values that inspired the foundation of AIBA.
    THAT, such unacceptable behavior has earned strong rejection from the majority of the Members of
    the AIBA and AMBC Executive Committees, this feeling is supported by a significant number of the
    AIBA affiliated Federations, a majority that has supported and will continue to support the roadmap
    drawn by the IOC, which is expected to last at least until the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, to eventually
    convene to establish comprehensive reforms of our entity and the regularization of its activities.
    THAT, the Special Commission designated by the IOC to undertake all the actions that are required to
    carry out the AIBA comprehensive reforms is correctly fulfilling its duties and tasks that will be imposed
    on it, and with the support of all managers and Federations that support this process to rescue our
    THAT, although the roadmap drawn by the IOC is fundamental and important for the achievement of
    the proposed objectives, National Federations, AMBC and AIBA must adopt and be able to meet high
    expectations and commitment future actions in favor of the restructuring of AIBA and the
    implementation of the principles of good faith, exceptional governance, best practices and
    transparency within it.
    THAT, the Congress is the highest instance of government of the AIBA, so it is the correct forum for its
    members to take all resolutions that enable their comprehensive reform, such as the reform of its
    statutes and the approval of its Code of Ethics and the Eligibility Regulations of its leaders, as well as
    the realization of a new election of Members of its Executive Committee and the Ethics Commission.
    THAT, the Congress to convene for such purposes, in order to guarantee a democratic participation of
    all its members, respect the agreements and commitments assumed with the IOC in order to lift its
    suspension from AIBA, it is suggested that the Congress be carried out in the host city of the
    International Olympic Committee, Lausanne-Switzerland on November 15, 2019.
    THAT, it is imperative that National Federations affiliates of AMBC and AIBA, such as those represented
    below, ratify our support for the actions undertaken by the IOC and the Special Commission, and to
    ensure that more Members abide to this class of pronouncements and concerted efforts.
    1. To emphatically reject the lack of good governance and transparency evidenced by the top AIBA
    executives, as well as the actions of those judges who’s impartiality and good conduct have been
    questioned for failing the principles and values of the Olympic Movement, and those who inspired
    the foundation of the AIBA.
    2. Support the resolutions adopted by the IOC, aimed at achieving a comprehensive reform of AIBA,
    which will restore its former prestige, credibility and world standing, always safeguarding the
    health and rights of its athletes.
    3. Support the resolutions and actions undertaken by the Special Commission, in compliance with
    the IOC's assignment, and to renew its commitment to continue supporting it until the
    achievement of the objectives imposed on AIBA are met, something the world of boxing so much
    4. Request to those responsible for the institutional crisis of AIBA, who are still part of the
    organization and are also members of AMBC, they MUST resign from both entities.
    5. To urge all members of the great AIBA family to condemn those responsible for this institutional
    crisis and to request their resignation and removal from the organization, to be exercised in the
    next scheduled AIBA Congress.
    6. To exercise our vote of NO TRUST for Mr. Osvaldo Bisbal, President of the AMBC for being singled
    out in the IOC report as part of the systemic problems within AIBA and to also exercise our vote of
    NO TRUST for Mr. Patt Fiacco, Member of the AIBA Executive Committee appointed by the former
    AIBA President, has been a radical supporter of a person that the IOC has warned that they would
    not support nor recognize as the new AIBA President. Mr. Patt Fiacco has been putting pressure on
    our Federations to support his candidate, taking advantage of decency and nobility of most of the
    Federations of America.
    7. Reaffirm our commitment to the good governance and transparency of world boxing, and the
    organizations we represent.
    8. To forward this Declaration to the IOC, to the Members of the AMBC Executive Committee,
    Members of the AIBA Executive Committee and to all Federations of the Continent, and to promote
    its public dissemination.
    Done and signed in the city of Lima-Peru, on August 03, 2019.

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