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  • Santiago Wants New 2023 Pan Am Dates


    (ATR) More summer, less winter is the motivation behind the proposed change in dates for the 2023 Pan Am Games in Santiago, Chile.

    October 20 to November 12, 2023 is considered the ideal climatic period for athletes to compete in the southern hemisphere. But the dates must still be officially ratified by Pan Am Sports in December.

    Prior to that, the 41 members of Pan Am Sports will meet to review the dates as well as the sports program for Santiago. This will happen in mid-October at the general assembly for the Association of National Olympic Committees in Doha, Qatar.

    “We have done all the consultations, there is consensus, I give it as approved”, Chilean Olympic Committee president Miguel Angel Mujica tells Around the Rings.

    Mujica says he is celebrating the best ever results for Chile at the just ended Pan Am Games in Lima.

    Chile won 13 gold, 19 silver and 18 bronze medals, 50 in total. The best prior gold harvest was in Buenos Aires 1951 with eight medals. The largest number of total medals had been in Guadalajara 2011 with 43.

    "Lima is history ... as of today, athletes only think in 2023," he says.
    The President of Chile, Sebastián Piñera, received the flag of Panam Sports at the closing. (Team Chile)

    Mujica says the proposal to change the dates of the 2023 Pan Ams is based solely for better weather. At that time there are usually minimums of 15c and maximums of 26c in what is considered the Chilean spring.

    In July and August, Chile usually registers temperatures between 5c and 16c , which makes it difficult for competitors.

    The president of COCH says that the XIX Pan American Games on that date will also not interfere with relevant international tournaments or with Olympic qualification processes for Paris 2024 .

    With the new Pan Am Sports policy aimed at gigantism, Chile will identify three sports that it wants to include beyond those on the Olympic program. That will mean three fewer than the 38 originally proposed for Santiago. Organizers are waiting for the advice of experts based on what happened in Lima.

    Unlike Lima 2019, Santiago 2023 now has almost 80 percent of the needed sports infrastructure, thanks to the legacy of the 2014 South American Games.

    Traffic does not seem to be a headache thanks to the Metro lines that make it easier for a passenger to move around the city in 30 to 40 minutes.

    One of the projects from scratch is the Pan American Village. A 265-hectare site has already been chosen where the old Cerrillo international airport was located, a contribution of the government.

    Mujica explains private investment will cover the rest of construction.

    Mujica says notice should be taken of the scene in the closing ceremony Sunday night in Lima.

    Sebastián Piñera. President of Chile, was there to collect the flag of Pan Am Sports.

    For Mujica it was a message that the government will be helping in the years ahead of Santiago 2023.

    "That provides a lot of tranquility," he says.

    Reported by Miguel Hernandez.

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