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    First for Sport Climbing

    Janja Garnbret of Slovenia will be a favorite for a gold medal in Tokyo. (IFSC)
    The first Olympic qualifying tournament ever for sport climbing is over in Hachioji, Japan. More than 253 athletes from 39 nation registered for the 12 day world championship.

    Coming less than one year to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, these world championships are the first to determine who will compete in the Olympic debut of the sport.

    Seven of the highest placed athletes per gender, with a maximum of two per country will qualify for Tokyo.

    More on the tournament that ended August 21 in this week’s edition of ATR TV with Greer Wilson.

    One Month to Rugby World Cup

    While Tokyo is marking one year to the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics, organizers of the 2019 Rugby World Have less than one month ago before the first matches. Japan versus Russia opens the tournament September 20 in Tokyo. The final match is played in Yokohama on November 2.

    Wales is the number-one ranked team among the 20 headed to Japan. New Zealand is the defending champion.

    Table Tennis for Parkinson’s

    The first-ever ITTF Parkinson's World Table Tennis Championships is set for October 11-13 in Pleasantville, New York.

    The event is a project of the International Table Tennis Federation Foundation's #TT4Health initiative.

    The tournament is open to all comers, even novices to the sport. Each player will be evaluated on the first day of the event, matched with competitors with a similar range of impairments from Parkinson’s.

    Registration closes Sept. 10.

    More than 10 million persons around the world live with Parkinson's Disease. The neurodegenerative disorder affects body movement.

    Road Cycling Survey Results

    A survey conducted by the International Cycling Union says fans of road cycling say the event has too much predictability and is dominated by better financed teams.

    UCI says it received more than 22,300 responses from 134 countries on the current state of road cycling and what they would like to see in the future.

    While the survey shows broad support and interest for cycling, 50% of the respondents said the outcome of races has become “predictable”. The potential for a small number of teams to dominate competition is viewed as a negative by 71 percent of the respondents. The survey says 76 percent believe budget differences “make races less interesting”.

    UCI President David Lappartient says the survey has important information to use for improving the sport.

    “The consultation shows us that road cycling enjoys a positive image with the fans, regardless of which continent they are from, and that, generally speaking, they are satisfied with the sport and the coverage on offer.

    “They also told us, however, that there is room for improvement, such as making more information and data available during broadcasts and that serious thought should be given to aspects seen as potentially damaging to the appeal of road cycling (domination by a small number of teams or the use of radio communications for instance),” he says.

    Lappartient says a working group will come up with recommendations for road cycling changes in 2020.

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