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    Brazilian Thiago Paulino reached a new mark in shot put, category F57.

    The new VIDENA Athletics Stadium, built for the Lima 2019 Games, saw the first world record broken in an international competition, as an omen of success of the sports event organization.

    Brazilian Thiago Paulino broke the world record in the Para athletics’ shot put event, F57 category.

    At the start of the Para athletics competition, Paulino broke his own world record by throwing a shot put at a distance of 15m26c. 33-year-old Paulino competed in a category where Para athletes are required to be seated during the throw.

    The Para athlete beat his own record at the VIDENA Athletics Stadium, which he had achieved recently on August 10, when he threw a shot put at a distance of 15m11c. He had already surpassed the 14m92cm record achieved by Polish Janusz Rokicki at the 2015 Doha World Cup. With this mark, Paulino achieved, by far, the gold medal in the competition.

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