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  • The great celebration of the Mediterranean sport was successfully completed in Patras


    The Mediterranean Beach Games ended with great success on Saturday night in
    Patras, after seven days of competition. The event exceeded everyone’s
    expectations, upgrading more this new format of the Games, with great sports
    games and large crowds in all the venues.

    The Closing Ceremony marked the end of Patras journey and the beginning of a new
    journey in another part of the Mediterranean. As a follow up to the Opening
    Ceremonythe athletes paraded all together sending the message of unity and
    friendship among Mediterranean peoples.

    The Closing Ceremony was a celebration of all nations, a goodbye party for all
    delegations, an event expressing gratitude to all athletes and volunteers for their
    presence in the Games. Dance and music gave the signal of the end of a wonderful
    Mediterranean celebration.

    A celebration that took place in three competition venues, with 11 sports and more
    than 700 athletes from the 26 Mediterranean countries who are members of the
    International Committee of the Mediterranean Games.
    The ICMG President Amar Addadi said: «Even best things come to an end! We are
    now at the end of this wonderful adventure of the 2nd Mediterranean Beach Games
    in Patras. We have spent here an enjoyable stay. The 2nd Mediterranean Beach
    Games are a success and we have written, together, another beautiful page of the
    history of the Mediterranean Games. Our congratulations and deep recognition to all

    those who have contributed to deliver these Games. We are convinced that the
    flame and the spirit of the Mediterranean Games that have shone in Patras will keep
    on shining all around the Mediterranean Basin with a real message of hope and
    peace. Have a safe trip back home and good luck to all of you».
    The President of the Organizing Comitteee Nikos Papadimatos stated: “These Games
    were modern, exceptional, fascinating, with great records, amazing efforts, full of
    feelings, emotions, unforgettable moments that touched us and which we will always
    remember with nostalgia. We are very sad that the Games are over but at the same
    time we are happy that they took place in Patras and that we had the chance to
    participate. Patras won the bet. Greece is back on the international scene of big
    sports organizations and looks far ahead with a clear and optimistic look”.
    Following the speeches the President of the Patras Organizing Committee Mr. Nikos
    Papadimatos handed the flag of the Mediterranean Beach Games to the CIJM
    President Mr. Amar Addadi who delivered it to the Secretary General Iakovos
    Filippousis who will give the flag to the city that will organize the 3rd Mediterranean
    Beach Games.

    Greece finished in the first place of the medal table of the Mediterranean Beach
    Games “Patras 2019” . Greece won 46 medals in total, including 19 gold, 16 silver
    and 11 bronze.
    Italy won 15 gold medals 13 silver and 11 bronze and took the 2nd place in the
    medals table, with 39 medals in total. France took 32 medals including 13 gold, 7
    silver and 12 bronze and is in the 3rd place of the medal table.
    Spain, Portugal, Turkey and Albania also won gold medals.


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