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    Working group to finalise proposals to go before UIPM 2020 Congress
    Provisional approval for seven new federations in Africa and Asia
    Congress and competitions awarded to China, Belarus and Poland

    BUDAPEST, HUNGARY: September 5, 2019 – The UIPM Executive Board (EB) has approved a New Tetrathlon concept proposed for introduction at the 2022 Youth Olympic Games in Dakar (SEN).

    A comprehensive report on a series of New Tetrathlon test events was presented to the EB during a two-day meeting in Budapest (HUN), resulting in a unanimous vote of approval with one abstention.

    New Tetrathlon incorporates Fencing into the existing UIPM Sport of Triathle, which combines Swimming with Laser Run. The new format was successfully tested in Buenos Aires (ARG), Cairo (EGY), Perpignan (FRA) and Weiden (GER) over the past five months.

    The EB approved the concept and agreed to appoint a new working group, which will meet frequently over the next year to develop a framework and detailed rules.

    The EB will reconvene in early 2020 in Lausanne (SUI) to review an update from the working group and recommend further steps towards the final proposal, which will be presented as a motion for approval at the UIPM 2020 Congress.

    The previously annual gathering is now held every two years and the UIPM 2020 Congress was awarded to Xiamen (CHN) by the Executive Board during the second day of the meeting.

    The UIPM Executive Board met today in Budapest (HUN)

    UIPM President Dr Klaus Schormann said: “We had two days of very strong conversation during this Executive Board meeting, with many important decisions discussed and decided. Now that we have Congress every two years, it’s especially important to use the EB meeting as a strong democratic forum for our sporting movement.

    “We discussed in detail the proposed future concept for the Dakar 2022 Youth Olympic Summer Games, which will be the first Olympic Games to be held in Africa. The new format will now be finalised by a working group which will be assembled next week.

    “We also discussed development progress in all continents and provisionally approved the membership of seven new countries to our UIPM Family. Our next meeting will take place in Lausanne in early 2020 and then there will be many motions to be voted on at the UIPM 2020 Congress in Xiamen.”

    UIPM already has more than 120 national member federations and the family is growing fast towards the target of 150 by the end of 2020 after seven new applications were approved by the EB today.

    In Asia, the applications of provisional members Iraq and Timor Leste will go forward to be rubber-stamped by Congress, and the EB voted to approve five applications for provisional membership from African nations Chad, Eritrea, Rwanda, South Sudan and Sudan.

    Apart from the award of the UIPM 2020 Congress, two competition awards were confirmed.

    The UIPM 2021 Pentathlon World Championships will take place in Minsk (BLR) and the UIPM 2020 Junior World Championships will take place in Drzonkow (POL).

    The Executive Board meeting took place on the eve of the finals of the first-ever combined UIPM Pentathlon and Laser Run World Championships, which will take place at Kincsem Park in the Hungarian capital over the next three days (September 6-8).

    The winners of the UIPM 2019 Annual Awards will also be announced at a gala dinner on September 7 – the event will be live-streamed on UIPM’s digital channels – and the 2nd UIPM Pierre de Coubertin Pentathlon Day will be celebrated on September 8.

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    UIPM 2019 Pentathlon World Championships schedule
    (* live stream on UIPM TV)
    September 2: Women’s Relay
    September 3: Men’s Relay
    September 4: Women’s Qualification
    September 5: Men’s Qualification | Women’s Final Fencing Ranking Round
    September 6: Women’s Final* | Men’s Final Fencing Ranking Round
    September 7: Men’s Final*
    September 8: Mixed Relay*

    UIPM 2019 Laser Run World Championships schedule
    September 6: Women’s Final
    September 7: Men’s Final
    September 8: Mixed Relay
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    About Modern Pentathlon
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