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  • Sponsor Spotlight: World Curling and Rock Solid Productions Inc. Extend Partnership


    (ATR) The World Curling Federation extends its five-year partnership with its preferred development partner.
    (World Curling)

    In a statement, World Curling Federation President Katie Caithness said “I’m delighted to extend this partnership with Rock Solid Productions Inc. so that we continue to make strides in our efforts to make curling as inclusive as possible and so that it can be played in many more countries across the globe.”

    Formed in 2008, the company promotes curling worldwide and focuses on locations where access to ice is limited, allowing non-traditional curling countries to enter the international circuit offering FloorCurl and Street Curling products to raise awareness of curling.

    Rock Solid Productions Inc. will soon release a video series showcasing how to introduce curling with FloorCurl equipment.

    “Our agreement has enabled us to help develop the sport in many non-traditional countries that wouldn’t normally be associated with curling or even ice sports. I’m eager to continue to share our iceless curling innovations with as many curling fans as possible.” said Chad McMullan, Rock Solid Productions owner and President.

    Tokyo 2020 Torch Relay Adds Supporting Partner

    (Tokyo 2020)
    Organizers for Tokyo 2020 announced that Japan Post Holdings Co., Ltd. signed on as a Supporting Partner of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Torch Relay.

    “The Olympic Torch Relay will be held throughout Japan over 121 days. We believe that the solid post office networks the Japan Post has throughout the country will help us connect with as many people as possible and ensure the success of the Torch Relay,” said President of Tokyo 2020 Yoshiro Mori in a statement. 

    Alibaba Cloud and Intel Team Up

    (Tokyo 2020)
    Alibaba Cloud and Intel have partnered with Tokyo 2020 to launch “Tokyo 2020 Open Innovation Challenge”.

    The tech competition aims to create an innovative spectator experience to encourage more spectators to become involved in the Games as new youth-focused sports like 3x3 basketball, BMX freestyle, skateboarding and sport climbing make their debuts in the Olympic program.

    Alibaba Cloud will provide cloud computing while Intel will contribute assets that include the Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2 and the Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO™ toolkit.

    The companies will work together to review and select winners who create the most innovative and original applications.

    Written by Greer Wilson

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