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  • ICYMI: Raffaele Chiulli on Urban Games; Cuban Defections; Joint Korean Hockey


    Raffaele Chiulli (ATR)
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    Unique and Profitable - Raffaele Chiulli Talks Urban Games

    (ATR) The World Urban Games will rule Budapest for the next three days.

    Raffaele Chiulli, the president of GAISF, the umbrella organization of international sports federations, says the games are a totally new and unique event. In a wide-ranging email interview, Chiulli tells ATR the WUG are bringing sport to the people instead of the other way around. He also says the event is already profitable.

    Around the Rings - How did the concept of the Urban Games come about? How long were they in the talking / planning stage before they became a reality on the calendar?

    Raffaele Chiulli - The plans began under Marius Vizer in 2014, when GAISF was devising and conceptualising ideas for its four multi-sport games. With the full support of the IOC, GAISF launched the Combat and Mind Games, and began plans for the Urban and Beach Games.

    The final concept for the World Urban Games was approved and announced at last year’s General Assembly, with the full support of our Council and Members. Authentically urban, sustainable in long term, and offering a showcase for GAISF Members, together with an opportunity to add new disciplines to this major multi-sport event.

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    A Blow to Joint Korean Hockey Team for Tokyo

    (ATR) The odds that a joint Korean team in women’s hockey will compete at Tokyo 2020 are growing longer.
    South Korea women's field hockey team during FIH World Hockey Series Finals in June (Getty Images)

    The two countries missed Monday’s deadline to jointly apply for the Olympic qualifying draw required by the International Hockey Federation (FIH), according to Kyodo News. Instead, South Korea entered on its own.

    In May, AFP reported that South Korea entered its own team for the FIH World Women’s Hockey Series Finals after it said the North failed to cooperate in forming a joint team.

    IOC rules stipulate that a joint team must be qualified as a single unit to be eligible for Tokyo. But Kyodo News reports the IOC says discussions with the National Olympic Committees of both Koreas are ongoing, and it is possible that a unified team could be given an IOC exemption to compete next summer.

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    Defection Epidemic in Cuban Soccer

    (ATR) Cuba could soon be running out of soccer players.
    Cuba suffered losses on and off the field in Toronto. (Getty Images)

    In 10 months a total of 27 players from various categories have left their national teams in tournaments of the Confederation of North, Central American and Caribbean Association Football (Concacaf).

    The desertions have occurred in the United States with the exception of the most recent last weekend in Toronto, Canada, host of the first Group A match of the Concacaf League of Nations.

    On Saturday, Sept. 7, Canada defeated Cuba 6-0 and the loss was more bitter as it was accompanied by the escape of five of its main men.

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