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  • ATRadio - Lacrosse Steps Up Its Game


    Lacrosse as a demonstration sport in the 1948 London Olympics.
    (ATR) The sport of lacrosse has ancient roots in North America that go back more than 500 years. Games with 1000 players and a field of play that went to the horizon are part of the lore.

    Developed by the Iroquois tribes in the northeastern corner of North America, lacrosse has spread since then to the four corners of the globe.

    World Lacrosse, the international federation, has launched a campaign to rebrand the sport and expand participation. A return to the Olympics is one of the goals of the federation.

    CEO Jim Scherr talks to ATR Editor Ed Hula about the big plans for World Lacrosse.

    Reported by Ed Hula. For general comments or questions, click here.
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