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  • Bernardinho and Jose Roberto Guimaraes inducted into COB Hall of Fame


    Coaches had their hands eternalized in a ceremony held in São Paulo

    The most successful coaches in the history of Brazilian national volleyball, Bernardinho and José Roberto Guimarães have been inducted into the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) Hall of Fame on this Monday, October 21st, during the 2019/2020 Superliga opening season, in São Paulo.

    “This is not an individual award, it is a collective achievement. I was part of a group of athletes who won such a significant medal. I came to represent them and also the other generations that are here. So I want to thank each one of you, old battle partners and younger fellows from new battles. It was an honor to fight alongside you and it is an honor to represent all of you”, said Bernardinho, owner of seven Olympic medals, six of them as a coach.

    “I have to thank the people who played with me, my coaches and teachers. But I also need to thank two other people, besides my family: Bebeto de Freitas, my mentor, the one who gave me the opportunity to be part of the national team; and Paulo Márcio, my guru, who helped me throughout the years in the national team”, said three-time Olympic champion Zé Roberto, who also joked with the players of his generation attending the ceremony: “we lifters, both Bernardo and I, except for William, put these guys into scene. We spare your backs and knees”.

    Major stars of the sport attended the event, especially the Olympic champions in Athens 2004 and the runners-up in Los Angeles 1984, who were also honored for their achievements. A member of the International Olympic Committee and icon of the “Silver Generation”, Bernard Rajzman represented the COB at the ceremony and highlighted the relevance of the duo Bernardinho and Zé Roberto for Brazilian volleyball.

    “Our volleyball mirrors so many things. It serves as a reference not only in the sports field, but in every other aspect; it is now a solid sport that can grow in results every year. This is a wonderful initiative from COB, and I'm proud to have been part of the jury that elected these two names, these sacred sports monsters, who have contributed so much to the development of this national sport”.

    Conceived in 2018, the COB Hall of Fame aims to eternalize athletes and coaches who have helped to build the country's Olympic history, promoting Olympism and inspiring new generations. An exclusive space open for public visitation will be set up at the Team Brazil Training Centre, the entity's future administrative headquarters.

    Besides Bernardinho and Zé Roberto, the Hall of Fame already inducted the following names: Hortência Marcari, world basketball champion in 1994 and silver medal at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games; Chiaki Ishii, first Brazilian Judo Olympic medalist (bronze medal in Munich 1972); sailor Torben Grael, Brazil's largest Olympic medalist; the beach volleyball duo Sandra Pires and Jackie Silva, first Brazilian Olympic champions (Atlanta 1996); and Vanderlei Cordeiro de Lima, bronze medal in the Athens 2004 marathon and the sole Brazilian to be granted the Pierre de Coubertin medal, the Olympic Movement's noblest honor.

    Yet to be honored in 2019: Joaquim Cruz, 800m Olympic champion in Los Angeles 1984 and silver medal in Seoul 1988; Magic Paula, world basketball champion in 1994 and silver medal at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games; and the late Guilherme Paraense, shooter, the country's first Olympic champion in the history of the Olympic Games, in Antwerp 1920; João do Pulo, Olympic bronze medal in the triple jump in Montreal 1976 and Moscow 1980; Maria Lenk, swimmer, the first South American woman to compete in the Olympic Games in Los Angeles 1932; and Sylvio Magalhães Padilha, the first South American to compete in an Olympic 400m hurdles final event in Berlin 1936.

    Here is a summary of the main achievements of Bernardinho and Zé Roberto:
    Bernardo Rezende (Bernardinho)
    - Gold medal at the Athens 2004 and Rio 2016 Olympic Games (as men's team coach)
    - Six Olympic medals as coach (two in the women's team and four in the men's team)
    - Silver medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games (as an athlete)
    José Roberto Guimarães
    - Gold medal at the Barcelona 1992 Olympic Games (men's national team coach)
    - Gold medal at the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games (women's team coach)
    - The only coach in history to be Olympic champion with both-sex teams

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