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  • Global Athlete Statement on end of Beckie Scott's tenure as WADA Athlete Chair


    Global Athlete would like to congratulate Beckie Scott as her six-year term as Chair of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Athlete Committee comes to a close at the World Conference on Doping in Sport in Poland today.

    During her six years as the lead athlete figure in anti-doping, Beckie stood up as the voice of the international athlete community like no-one else – she put principle above politics during turbulent times. She stood up to represent the voice of the majority – the clean athletes of the world. That took courage and it took fortitude, but thankfully the clean athlete community had a flag-bearer in Beckie, someone that would speak for what us, the athletes, and the sports-loving public wanted to hear of our anti-doping leaders.

    Throughout her tenure as WADA Athlete Chair, Beckie has ensured that the voice of athletes can be expressed in a forum independent from all other organizations – even if that meant articulating a position in contrast to leadership. That took strength and it took someone of strong principles, standing up for what is right and for what kind of sport we all want to see.

    It is fitting that Beckie’s last outing as WADA Athlete Chair was to present the Anti-Doping Act of Athlete Rights alongside the incoming Chair, Ben Sandford. This Charter was the result of so much work over recent years to ensure athletes were given a proper say at the decision-making table. Beckie has set the pace for others to follow and placed athlete rights in anti-doping to the forefront.

    We congratulate Beckie on her fantastic reign as WADA Athlete Chair, and we look forward to working with Ben as he picks up the baton.

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