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  • Overwhelming Demand for Tokyo Olympic Tix


    (ATR) The grandstands at the Tokyo Olympics should be filled with spectators.

    The Tokyo 2020 mascot helps sell tickets to the Games. (Getty Images)
    Organizers of the Games say the second round of ticket sales through a lottery for Japanese ticket buyers is oversubscribed by 22 million orders. Just one million tickets were for sale.

    The first round of ticket sales parceled out 3.57 million tickets to Japanese buyers. More than 60 million tickets were ordered.

    Out of a total of 7.8 million tickets for Tokyo 2020, about 60 percent will go to the Japanese market.

    There still are tickets available in the U.S., the biggest single market for Olympic tickets outside the host nation. But CoSport, the authorized ticket reseller for the U.S., says a blistering market in Japan means tight supply in the U.S.

    “Although the United States represents one of the largest markets in the world, the Olympic Games endeavors to level the playing fields and spectator stands alike, with the United States being just one player sharing in limited global ticket allocations following formidable Japanese demand,” CoSport president Robert F. Long tells Around the Rings.

    “Japan’s strong demand for tickets, as demonstration in the latest lottery results for Japanese residents, result in the majority of tickets being unavailable outside the host country, with the United States sharing in remainders split among more than 200 territories.

    “CoSport continues working hard to meet U.S. public demand, maximize allocation and provide open access throughout the ticketing process,” he says.

    CoSport has tickets for some team events and is packaging other tickets with accommodations.

    The next round of ticket sales in Tokyo is planned for early 2020. These tickets will be first-come, first-served, available to all buyers, not limited to Japan.

    Tokyo 2020 plans to raise $800 million in ticket sales.

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