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  • NextGen 2020 - New Faces, Ideas for Olympics


    (ATR) Whether on the field of play or behind the scenes, a new generation is taking hold of the Olympics. The premier Around the Rings NextGen 2020 reviews this new wave of influencers in a series of reports from Dec. 23 to Jan 1.

    NextGen takes the place of the annual ATR Golden 25, since 1997 our review of the most influential individuals and events for the year ahead. Current plans call for the Golden 25 to be published every other year.

    NextGen 2020 will focus on people taking steps to lead the Olympics in a different direction. People who represent changes to the status quo. IOC members and organizing committees on the front line implementing the “New Normal” paradigm of IOC President Thomas Bach.

    Some of the individuals selected as NextGen are real veterans of the Olympics, not necessarily youngsters. But by taking new roles, they are part of the changes propelling the movement forward.

    We’ve divided NextGen 2020 into nine categories: The New IOC, Media and Sponsors; Organizing the Games; NOCs, IFs and New Sports; Athletes; Paralympics; Protecting Athletes, and The Fight Against Doping. The NextGen 2020 series will continue through Jan 1.

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