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  • COB offers state-of-the-art structure to athletes in preparation for Tokyo 2020


    First month of the Olympic year, the Time Brasil TC was attended by almost 300 athletes

    The Time Brasil Training Center already breathes the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. Taking into account only January of the current year, the multipurpose space that has been managed since 2008 by the Brazilian Olympic Committee (COB) received 291 athletes from 23 sports. In addition, 131 evaluations were carried out with 72 athletes at the Olympic Laboratory, an increase of 43% over the same period in 2019. It is the home of Brazilian Olympic sport welcoming the best athletes in the country in a structure that unites sport, science and technology.

    The atmosphere at the COB TC at the beginning of the year is similar to that of an Olympic Village. The interaction among athletes of different modalities is one of the differentials of the space. In January, Olympic champion Arthur Zanetti and world champions Arthur Nory, Ana Marcela Cunha, Beatriz Ferreira, Ágatha Rippel, Duda Lisboa and Italo Ferreira, passed by the venue. Other big names in the sport, among them Bruno Fratus, from swimming, and Fernando Reis, from weight lifting, came from the United States especially for a period of training and evaluations in the structure of COB.

    “We continue to work tirelessly for Brazilian athletes, who are our number one priority. The planning is being very well executed with investment in several areas, such as sports sciences, the training of coaches and the individual monitoring of hundreds of athletes”, said the president of COB, Paulo Wanderley. “The Training Center has been supporting an increasing number of athletes, becoming a reference in the work focused on high performance”, said the president of COB.

    The Time Brasil TC is located in the Olympic Park of Barra and includes the Maria Lenk Water Park, the Artistic Gymnastics TC and the Olympic Laboratory. In 2019, a total of 1033 athletes took advantage of the cutting edge structure provided by COB.

    “When we come here, we walk around the facilities and run into other athletes from other sports. This is very good, it motivates us. Each athlete has a point to admire and absorb, which is essential for us”, highlighted Olympic champion in gymnastics Arthur Zanetti, who participates in the largest camping in the history of male artistic gymnastics, with 22 athletes, among them adults and youths.

    And it is not only at Time Brasil TC that COB offers the best structure to Brazilian athletes. Throughout the Olympic cycle, in joint planning with the confederations, the entity has supported numerous actions, such as international training camps, support and logistics for participation in competitions, hiring and maintaining high-level coaches, acquisition of sports equipment, projects of development for grassroots categories, among others. All this effort by COB and the Confederations has one major goal: the best performance at the Tokyo Olympic Games.

    Less than six months from the start of the competition, COB is already putting into practice what was planned in detail for the Brazilian delegation to go to Tokyo. One of the first countries to visit Japan, Brazil has entered into partnerships with local city governments and will offer nine support bases spread across the Asian country. Altogether, 333 athletes and technical commissions, from ten modalities, visited the locations for training and simulations of operations. Six actions were carried out in 2018 and eight in 2019 on five bases exclusive to Time Brasil. Food, time zone and climate are factors that are being taken into account in this planning.

    “All the investment by COB in the preparation of athletes and teams has been paying off for Brazilian sport. Throughout the cycle, we have maintained a good range of modalities with expressive results in the international scenario. Brazil's performance at the 2019 World Championships, with 22 medals, in addition to the historic campaign at the Pan American Games in Lima, gives us confidence that we are on the right path”, analyzed COB's Sports Director, Jorge Bichara.

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