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  • United by Emotion in Tokyo


    (ATR) The Tokyo 2020 Olympics select a motto a scant five months before the Games.

    Artist rendering of the motto at the new Olympic Stadium in Tokyo.(Tokyo 2020)
    “United by Emotion” is the slogan organizers plan to make part of the image of the Games.

    “The Motto emphasizes the power of sport to bring together people from diverse backgrounds of every kind and allow them to connect and celebrate in a way that reaches beyond their differences,” says a statement from Tokyo 2020.

    The slogan will appear only in English, not in Japanese or French, the other two official languages of the Tokyo Games.

    The slogan will be incorporated into the look of the Games in venues and in street decorations, licensed products and digital media, “ensuring worldwide attention” says Tokyo 2020.

    The new motto will be on display through the week at Tokyo Skytree, the 634 meter high broadcast tower that is the tallest structure of its kind in the world.

    Japanese American tennis player Naomi Osaka appears in a video promoting the motto.

    While Tokyo 2020 has high hopes the world will take notice of the motto, mottoes for prior Summer Games have fallen into the fog of memory.

    Naomi Osaka appears in a video promoting the new motto. (Tokyo 2020)
    For Rio, “A New World” referenced the first ever Olympics in South America.

    “Inspire a Generation” was used for London 2012 which hoped new generations of young people would take up sport.

    Beijing 2008 went with “One World. One Dream".

    Athens, home of the modern day Olympics, as well as Greece the birthplace of the Olympics three thousand years ago, chose “Welcome Home”.

    Tokyo 2020 has included the new motto on its website. The rollout of “United by Emotion” continues.

    “The moment when the world turns to Tokyo to share the excitement of the Games will soon be upon us. Tokyo 2020 will use this Motto throughout the build-up to the Games to illuminate the city of Tokyo and its Game venues,” says Tokyo 2020.

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