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  • SIGA launches 30-measure Action Plan to boost Sports Integrity during Coronavirus Crisis



    London, 18 March 2020:

    The events of the last several days and weeks, which continue to unfold, are unprecedented. Times are challenging, and call on us all to take courageous decisions and decisive, collective action.

    It is with this spirit that SIGA, the world’s largest independent coalition in the field of Sport Integrity is launching today a global campaign by way of response to the extremely adverse impact the Coronavirus is having upon the world of sport and the wider industry: the “SIGA STRIVES” Action Plan.

    STRIVES stands for:

    Succeed through
    Thought Leadership,
    Values and
    Ethics in

    SIGA STRIVES is designed to overcome adversity and ensure progress in the field of sport integrity, comprising of thirty boosting measures and initiatives to be announced and delivered, on a day-by-day basis, over the next sixty working days, with the first to be announced tomorrow.

    The purpose of SIGA STRIVES is to mobilise SIGA’s membership base in order to harness all like-minded organisations and individuals in the industry to continue the fight for greater integrity in sport despite the current state of emergency and crisis.

    SIGA Chairman, Franco Frattini, stated: “The humans are resilient. We are at the centre of the Universe, and we’ll destroy today’s invisible enemy! Let’s be ready for tomorrow, while strictly respecting all the prevention rules of today! Integrity and legality in Sport will last, and we should be prepared to act one second after the defeat of the virus. Support SIGA STRIVES’ ACTION PLAN!”

    Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros, CEO of SIGA and Chairman and CEO of SIGA AMERICA, stated: “SIGA STRIVES is a strong call for action. We are at war against a common threat. Each individual and organisation have a role to play. We, at SIGA, are ready to play ours. Now is the time for leadership, not hesitation. It’s time to act as true united front. This is why, as an immediate response, we are putting in motion 30 boosting measures and initiatives during the next sixty working days. I call on all SIGA Members, Supporters and Partners, as well as the wider sports industry, to join our efforts and Strive for Integrity in Sport.”

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    SIGA is the world´s largest coalition in the field of sport´s governance and integrity. Supported by more than 100 international multi-industry supporters, SIGA is an independent and neutral organisation whose mission is to bring about meaningful reforms and enhance the integrity of all sports through a set of universal standards operated by an independent and neutral body. SIGA is the only organisation to bring together sport, governments, academia, international organisations, sponsors, business, rights holders, NGOs and professional services companies, from every region in the world, around a common cause of fostering greater integrity throughout sport. Click on the hyperlinks for the list of SIGA Members and Committed Supporters and SIGA Partners.

    For more information on SIGA, including its vision, mission and reform agenda, please refer to the website:

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