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    Olympic Champion Callum Skinner and Physicist Alex Macdonald have today announced the launch of the Kickstarter campaign for HindSight Rear View Cycling Glasses. By providing rear vision without sacrificing forward sight, HindSight glasses promise to bolster road safety at a time of ever-growing popularity for urban cycling worldwide.

    The glasses, which combine safety with style for the discerning urban cyclist, boast patent-pending rear-view lens technology. With enhanced situational awareness at their core, the revolutionary glasses are stylistically and functionally integrated and fit seamlessly into a cyclist’s routine, crucially allowing the cyclist to maintain their forward peripheral vision while checking behind them – achieving rear vision with only a minimal glance of the head.

    The glasses are a game-changer for urban commuters and performance cycling enthusiasts who spend significant time on the road and to whom road safety is paramount. The glasses are also designed with professional triathletes and cyclists in mind, given the potential ability of the patent-pending lens technology to improve performance and wattage by preventing backward glancing.

    HindSight, which was presented at the prestigious Scottish Edge Awards hosted by entrepreneur and BBC Dragon’s Den star Theo Paphitis in December 2019, is now aiming to secure £30,000 of additional funding via the Kickstarter campaign which works on a simple principle: backers can choose to support the product and provide funding to help HindSight establish itself and set up the supply chain in exchange for the product after the company puts in its first batch order (usually three to four months after the close of the campaign). This will allow the entrepreneurial duo to begin the next stage of development – and launch the product to the wider consumer market. Backers have several options, allowing multiple choices for frame materials, and even the opportunity for a once-in-a-lifetime cycling experience in September with the founders Alex and Callum.

    HindSight Chief Executive Officer, Alex Macdonald, said: “The birth of HindSight came from a situation with which many urban cyclists will be able to relate – having one near miss too many with road traffic. As a regular cyclist, I was aware that knowing what was coming behind me would allow me to make smarter decisions; and so, HindSight was born.

    “With cycling becoming more popular and accessible to everyone, and more people choosing to cycle to work, cyclists are having to increasingly prioritise their safety. That’s why, with its revolutionary rearview mirror ‘safety first’ technology that provides rear vision without sacrificing forward sight, HindSight will be a win-win product that benefits cyclists and other road users.”

    HindSight Co-Founder and Ambassador, and Rio 2016 Olympic Champion Callum Skinner, said: “We are extremely proud to be launching these revolutionary, first-of-a-kind cycling glasses. As a professional cyclist myself, I know the importance of road safety, so we are incredibly excited to see the impact these glasses will have on fellow cyclists, not only by helping with their own safety, but also that of other road users.

    “I’m also struck by the potential of the HindSight glasses to help professional cyclists reach their peak performance. Managing aerodynamic profile is essential for any elite cyclist, and, by turning back to look over your shoulder, you can easily lose efficiencies to your speed and performance. I believe HindSight glasses provide the answer to this and will change the norm as we know it. In doing so, HindSight will revolutionise the way people cycle for years to come,” he added.

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    Along with its safety-first functionality, HindSight glasses also boast an easy, comfortable and stylish design for cyclists. The hemp glasses have pure silicone adjustable nose pads, wrapped around a metal core made from quality nickel alloy. These nosepads are fully adjustable to suit the bridge of the nose and offer comfortable grip. The glasses also have a reliable and durable hinge mechanism; the spring hinges made from a high-quality nickel allow for long-lasting spring action.

    HindSight is proud to have engineered a product with sustainability at its core. The product is also available in hemp frames, and with hemp being the most renewable, eco-friendly and diverse resource on earth, it is helping the ever-discerning bike user play his or her part in addressing the global sustainability issue. These frames are made from hemp fibre and water with the only by-product from the manufacturing process being water vapor. HindSight glasses are made of multi material components, providing everything from traditional sports plastics to environmentally-friendly materials.

    The Kickstarter Campaign lasts for 30 days and is an opportunity for HindSight to secure additional funding to help launch the product to the wider consumer market. During the campaign, HindSight will also be launching three new models to target the broad spectrum of cyclists, from commuters, to amateurs, to elites. All three models will be available with the angle-lens technology installed, but with a variation in the materials, ranging from typical sports plastics to sustainable, eco-friendly materials.

    To back this project and support HindSight, please visit: For more information and any questions about HindSight, please visit our Q&A here.

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