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  • ATRadio: Drug Cheats Can't Hide Behind Corona


    (ATR) WADA President Witold Banka says the pandemic won’t halt the fight against doping.

    "If someone is thinking that Covid-19 is the space for cheating, this is the moment to cheat us, I would like to warn them that we will catch you as soon as possible together with Anti Doping organizations,” Banka tells Around the Rings in an ATRadio podcast.

    Banka, former minister for sport in Poland was elected president of WADA in November.

    In the podcast, Banka says new drug tests such as dried blood spotting (DBS) and techniques based on artificial intelligence are on the horizon.

    "There are many potential advantages to DBS testing matter. We truly believe that DBS has the potential for future application on Anti Doping," Banka says.

    "Artificial intelligence can interpret data to identify suspicious patterns for some athletes that would raise a red flag... in the long run could potentially be used to bring disciplinary action."

    Homepage photo: Witold Banka

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