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Turin 2006

Turin Olympics at "Full Speed"

September 14, 2005

Olympic supervisor Mario Pescante heads to Rome this week for meetings on the Turin Games. (ATR) With 149 days to go until the Turin Olympics, "the organizational machine trav...

Ferrari "Ambassador" of Torino 2006

August 27, 2005

 An unusual ambassador of the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics will journey through China for two months. Two Ferraris will travel 15,000 miles throughout the country.The idea for ...

Ticket Sales At 50% For Turin Olympics

August 17, 2005

 (ATR) With less than six months to go before the Turin Olympics, half of the one million tickets for the Games have been sold. TOROC is said to be happy with the sales so far...

Questions Hang Over Olympics Ice Hockey

August 15, 2005

(ATR) The Czech Republic and Russia still will not sign the agreement covering the transfer of players between the NHL and the International Ice Hockey Federation. It's not kn...

Olympics Hockey Summit in Zurich

August 11, 2005

 (ATR) The Czech and Russia national hockey federations are still refusing to sign a new agreement between the NHL and the International Ice Hockey Federation. NHL participati...

NHL Turin Olympics Plan Reviewed

August 09, 2005

 (ATR) The participation of the NHL in the Turin Olympics could be finalized this week following talks in Turin, Prague and Zurich. The president of the International Ice Hock...

Delay for Olympic Work At Turin Airport

August 07, 2005

Airport work is down to the wire for Turin. (ATR) (ATR) Authorities in Turin are worried that new terminals being built for the Olympics at Caselle airport may not be finished...

Anti-Piracy Law for Turin Olympics

August 02, 2005

 (ATR) Fines of up to 100,000 euros await Olympic trademark pirates in Italy through 2006. The Italian Senate has passed legislation that will become law in time to safeguard ...

Turin Olympics Get New Funds, Again

July 30, 2005

The venue for hockey in Turin will be finished by November. (ATR) (ATR) One last round of funding is flowing to Turin for work needed before the end of the year. New screening...

Turin Update: Budget Woes Hit Paralympics

October 31, 2005

TOROC CEO Cesare Vaciago in Lausanne last week.(ATR) (ATR) The chief executive of the Turin Olympics says nagging budget problems could mean cuts for the Winter Paralympics ne...

Drug Law Battle, Turin Short of Euros

October 20, 2005

Mario Pescante faces a struggle lifting Italian drug laws for the Olympics. (ATR) (ATR) The first steps in the Italian parliament for a proposed Olympic moratorium on the coun...

Turin Olympics Face Budget Gap

October 11, 2005

TOROC CEO Cesare Vecciago hopes to charm more money for Turin from Rome. (ATR) (ATR) The CEO of the Turin Olympics says the Games still face a budget gap of 37 million euros. ...

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