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Turin 2006

Kim Expulsion, 2006 Jitters for IOC

February 09, 2005

(ATR) On the one year mark to the 2006 Olympics, the IOCâ??s executive board will meet in Turin and look for assurances that the Games next year will be free of money worry. T...

Check Is In The Pocket: Olympics $ Fix

February 09, 2005

(ATR) The government's supervisor for the 2006 Olympics says Tuesday's accord in Rome to rescue Turin from a 170 million euros budget gap is a big step."The main issue is the ...

No Strikes for Turin Olympic TV Workers

February 09, 2005

(ATR) Assurances are being made that broadcast workers will not go on strike at the 2006 Olympics, all a result of a wildcat strike underway by workers of host broadcaster RAI...

Budget Rescue Promise for 2006 Olympics

February 09, 2005

Budget woes aside, the welcome banners have been hung from the lamp posts of Turin in time for this week's one year to go mark. (ATR Photos) (ATR) The Italian government says ...

Luge World Cup Canceled After Crashes

February 03, 2005

(ATR) Luge officials have decided to cancel the World Cup event in Cesana on February 5 and 6, after serious crashes during training raised doubts on the safety of a new track...

Turin 2006 Crisis Deepens

February 03, 2005

 (ATR) The financial crisis at the Turin Olympics deepens. A board meeting expected to approve its budget only one week before the IOC visits Turin on February 10, has been ca...

On the Scene: Championships a Success

January 30, 2005

Award ceremony at the European Figure Skating Championships.(ATR Photos) (ATR) The most important test event before the 2006 Olympics ended in defeat for the host country. But...

On the Scene: Protest at Turin Skating

January 29, 2005

 (ATR) Turin Olympic organizers found out this weekend the impact a small band of protestors could have on access to events during the 2006 Olympics. Two hundred Fiat workers ...

Designer Torch for Italian Olympics

January 20, 2005

 (ATR) A high-tech torch for the Turin Olympics has been delivered by renowned Italian designer Pininfarina. The firm, responsible for the styling of many Ferrari cars, is one...

Pope Funeral: Olympics Security Test

April 08, 2005

 (ATR)With more than 10,000 police and military on duty in Rome for the funeral of Pope John Paul II, the event has served as an unscheduled test of Italyâ??s preparedness to ...

Turin Update: Bresso Wins; Paralympics

April 05, 2005

Center left politician Mercedes Bresso will take over as President of the Piemonte Regional government. (ATR) Mercedes Bresso will be president of the Piemonte Region for the ...

Election Brings Change for Turin Games

April 04, 2005

Mercedes Bresso, 61, could be on the TOROC board at the May meeting, along with a new appointee she will make. (ATR) A candidate who said she would do a better job of promotin...

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