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London 2012

Australian Sports Called to Task

February 04, 2016

(ATR) Sports in Australia have been forced to stand up and take notice this week, with the government calling for more work to be done on gender equality. Sussan Ley, Austral...

North Korea Boosts Sports Program Ahead of Rio

January 29, 2016

(ATR) The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has reappointed an old sports minister in an attempt to prepare the country for the 2016 Olympics. North Korea at the London...

93-Year-Old Hopes to Compete in 2016 Olympics -- ATRadio

January 12, 2016

(ATR) Bill Guilfoil has played table tennis for 80 years. Bill Guilfoil, 93, could become the oldest-ever Olympian this year in Rio. (Overland Park Racquet Club) This year...

IAAF Council Member Defends Coe

January 08, 2016

(ATR) Sylvia Barlag is defending IAAF president Seb Coe’s efforts to reform the athletics federation currently inundated with issues involving doping and governance. In co...

Golden 25 - #23 Ad Man Martin Sorrell

December 20, 2015

(ATR) The head of the world’s biggest communications company has the ear of the IOC. Martin Sorrell is number 23 in the Around the Rings Golden 25 for 2016. Now in its 20th...

Public Still Perceives London as a "Strong Sports City" -- ATRadio

December 18, 2015

(ATR) Lars Haue-Pedersen, managing director of TSE Consulting, says the results of the '2015 Sports City Poll' show, in terms of London 2012's legacy, "some things last." S...

Coe: Athletics Faces "No Tomorrows"

December 02, 2015

Coe at the committee hearing. (ATR) IAAF president Sebastian Coe says he’s the right man to clean up scandal-hit athletics, grimly warning “there are no tomorrows for my spor...

Kremlin Responds to "Groundless" Charges Against Russian Athletics

November 10, 2015

(ATR) Vladimir Putin's spokesperson says the allegations of widespread state-sponsored doping fraud in Russian athletics are unfounded. Russian presidential press secretary...

WADA: Russian Participation at Rio 2016 in Jeopardy -- ATRadio

November 09, 2015

(ATR) World Athletics is still reeling from a shocking report delivered by members of the World Anti Doping Agency. Richard Pound, who led the WADA independent commission's...

"Dark Day" For Sport Focus of World Media -- Media Watch

November 09, 2015

(ATR) Sebastian Coe, president of athletics' world governing body, is taking swift action against the All Russia Athletics Federation (ARAF) following a shocking 350-page repo...

Oscar Pistorius Released From Prison

October 19, 2015

(ATR) The South African sprinter will now serve the remainder of his five-year sentence under house arrest. "Oscar Pistorius was placed under correctional supervision ton...

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