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London 2012

Cuban Olympic Champions Medals at Auction

January 19, 2021

(ATR) Among the medals that the well-known auction house RR Auction has put up for sale are the gold medals of Cuban Olympic champions Leuris Pupo (shooting) and Iván Pedroso ...

Medallas de Campeones Olimpicos Cubanos en Subasta

January 19, 2021

(ATR) Entre las preseas que la conocida casa de subasta RR Auction ha puesto en venta se encuentran las medallas de oro de los campeones olimpicos cubanos Leuris Pupo (tiro) e...

Aya Medany OLY Becomes Member of Egyptian Parliament

January 19, 2021

Three-time Olympian and leading athlete ambassador Aya Medany OLY has begun a new career in politics after being appointed as a Member of the Egyptian Parliament. The appoi...

COVID Surge Imperils Olympic Boxing Qualifiers in London

January 06, 2021

(ATR) The IOC Boxing Task Force "is monitoring" the situation in London which is to host the European Olympic Qualifying Tournament at the end of April. The Tokyo 2020 boxi...

Preolimpico de Londres en mira del COI por Covid

January 06, 2021

(ATR) El Grupo de Trabajo de Boxeo del COI “está monitoreando” la situación en Londres que será sede a fines de abril del Torneo Preolímpico Europeo. (Tokyo 2020) Fuentes ...

Former Olympic Leader in El Salvador Dies of Covid-19

December 29, 2020

(ATR) The former president of the Olympic Committee of El Salvador, Melecio Eduardo Rivera, has died of Covid-19 at the age of 82. Melecio Rivera (COES) Rivera's death cou...

Muere por Covid-19 ex dirigente olimpico en El Salvador

December 29, 2020

(ATR) El ex presidente del Comité Olimpico de El Salvador, Melecio Eduardo Rivera, murió de Covid-19 a los 82 años. Melecio Rivera (COES) El deceso de Rivera podría ser ...

Samaranch Jr. Posible Sucesor de Bach

December 23, 2020

(ATR) Para el presidente del Comité Olimpico Español,Alejandro Blanco, su coterráneo Juan Antonio Samaranch Salisachs, sería un sucesor idóneo del presidente del COI, Thomas B...

Olympic Boxing Future Turns on Election

December 11, 2020

(ATR) The fate of boxing in the Olympic program is based in part on what happens on December 12, when the AIBA boxing federation holds a long-awaited presidential election. ...

The Opinionist: How Sports Shaped Joe Biden

December 01, 2020

From a meeting with Sebastian Coe to the Invictus Games for wounded veterans, Michael Pirrie has observed the way U.S. President elect Joe Biden has found links to sport. M...

Romanian Weightlifters Stripped of Olympic Medals

November 25, 2020

(ATR) Three Romanian weightlifters – two of them medal winners at the London 2012 Games – have been sanctioned by the IOC for retroactive anti-doping violations. Roxana Coc...

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