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Airweave Announces Groundbreaking Study in Nature's Scientific Reports

September 01, 2020

airweave, the top-selling brand of premium mattresses, toppers, and pillows from Japan, announced the findings on effects of sleep surface on athlete performance in Scientific...

LA 2028 Delivers Digital Era Logo

September 01, 2020

(ATR) Anyone can design their own logo for the Los Angeles 2028 Olympics and Paralympics in an upending of design and copyright norms. A series of 26 official logos for ...

LIQUI MOLY announced as Partner of the EHF Champions League Men

September 01, 2020

German motor oils manufacturer to sponsor men's premier European club competition for 2020/21 season LIQUI MOLY, the German motor oil manufacturer, will be a Partner of the...

The IPC and Coca-Cola Company announce Worldwide Paralympic Partnership

August 31, 2020

The International Paralympic Committee (IPC) today welcomed the addition of The Coca-Cola Company to its roster of Worldwide Paralympic Partners. Coca-Cola Japan was an exi...

Coca-Cola Announces Layoffs -- Sponsor Spotlight

August 29, 2020

(ATR) Worldwide Olympic Partner Coca-Cola plans layoffs as part of a restructuring in the face of declining sales during the pandemic. Coca-Cola has been an Olympic sponsor...

FrancsJeux: Au Japon, la crise sanitaire asseche les sports paralympiques

August 25, 2020

L’image ne manque pas d’allure. Elle fera date. Lundi 24 août, les organisateurs des Jeux de Tokyo et le gouvernement métropolitain ont célébré la date symbolique de J – 1 a...

ATR Extra - Weathering the Storm

August 19, 2020

A perfect storm of Cs is threatening sports at every level. The 3Cs currently putting sports around the world at risk are: Cost. Coaching. And ... Covid. • Costs to...

Beijing 2022 Sponsor List at 33 - Sponsor Spotlight

August 15, 2020

(ATR) Sankeshu Paint will serve as the official exclusive paint supplier of the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. (Beijing 2022) Sankeshu is part of the Th...

#ICYMI: Safe Tokyo Predicted; Hamilton 2026; Nike Navigates Pandemic

August 16, 2020

#ICYMI -- In Case You Missed It ... Sometimes the best stories don't get the attention we think they deserve. Here are our staff picks for articles this week they really want ...

The Return of Top Tier Athletics - Federation Focus

August 12, 2020

(ATR) High-level athletics competitions disrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic begin their seasons. Johannes Vetter wins javelin in Turku. (World Athletics/Ville Vairinen) A...

Nike Navigates the Pandemic

August 11, 2020

(ATR) Nike co-founder Phil Knight elaborates on the mega shoe and sportswear company’s fourth quarter loss of $790 million due to Covid-19 in a new podcast with Sebastian Coe....

Paris 2024 a quatre ans des Jeux : le marketing (3)

August 05, 2020

Dans le monde d’avant, le COJO Paris 2024 aurait dû se présenter en force aux Jeux de Tokyo 2020. A quatre ans de son événement, l’équipe parisienne avait ciblé le rendez-vo...

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