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Media Watch - Canada Figure Skating; British Indoor Cycling Team

March 29, 2009

Cam Cole of Vancouver Sun says Canada's figure skating program is not up to the quality it should be.

USOC, IOC Ready to Deal?

March 26, 2009

The IOC Executive Board is discussing the U.S. revenue sharing agreement in Denver this week. (ATR/Panasonic:Lumix) (ATR) Sources tell Around the Rings that the first steps t...

Dick Ebersol on TV Rights, Phelps, Youth Olympics

March 25, 2009

Dick Ebersol at Sportaccord Wednesday in Denver. (ATR/Panasonic:Lumix) "That would make America and Europe happy," said Ebersol, chairman of NBC Universal Sports and Olympics...

Media Watch -- Olympic Revenue Sharing; Phelps' Future

March 22, 2009

Philip Hersh tries to explain the implications of the IOC’s threats to change its revenue-sharing agreement with the USOC.

On the Scene: Sportel America Feels Recession Pains

March 19, 2009

Sportel CEO David Tomatis. (ATR) (ATR) The recession is being blamed for a more subdued level of deal-making this week at Sportel America in Miami Beach. The meeting provides ...

IOC and USOC Talks on Revenue-Sharing Deal Set for Sportaccord

March 16, 2009

IOC marketing chief Gerhard Heiberg remains optimistic of an outcome from next week's discussions with USOC officials on the contentious revenue-sharing issue (ATR) The pros...

Media Watch -- Phelps Interview, World Baseball Classic

March 15, 2009

Michael Phelps’ two-part NBC interview is critiqued by The Baltimore Sun’s David Steele.,0,4126721.columnSteph...

Media Watch -- Post-Olympic Beijing; World Baseball Classic

March 08, 2009

On March 6, NBC Nightly News reported on post-Olympic Beijing. InvestorCentric Blog says Beijing is turning into a ghost town. http://...

Q & A with Richard Worth of Sportfive

March 07, 2009

Richard Worth, Sportfive CEO (Sportfive)Sports marketing agency Sportfive is the choice of the IOC to handle TV rights for Europe for the 2014 and 2016 Olympics. The move brok...

Michaels to Host NBC's 2010 Vancouver Daytime Coverage

March 05, 2009

Veteran Olympic broadcaster Al Michaels will host part of NBC's 2010 Olympic coverage. (Getty Images)It didn't take a miracle for NBC to bring Al Michaels back into the Olympi...

John Rodda, Olympic Journalist, 1931-2009

March 04, 2009

John Rodda in 1987 during an IOC Press Commission visit to Calgary. British journalist John Rodda, considered one of the best reporters on the Olympics beat for more than 30 y...

Manolo Romero: Recession Won't Impact 2010 Media Coverage

March 02, 2009

Manolo Romero says 2010 rights holders will not sacrifice production facilities or personnel to save money. (Getty Images)The chief IOC broadcasting executive said the recessi...