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Press Release: WCSN to Broadcast FEI Samsung Super League

July 24, 2007


Press Release: Wasserman Partners with U.S. Federations

April 09, 2007

 Wasserman Media Group forms landmark marketing and programming partnerships with USA Gymnastics, USA Swimming and USA Track & Field Los Angeles, Calif./Co...

NBC, U.S. Figure Skating Announce Broadcast Partnership

April 24, 2007

 (ATR) NBC Sports has obtained the rights to broadcast U.S. Figure Skating events, after coverage was dropped by ABC. The new deal is similar to the networ...

Press Release: IAAF TV in Asia and Pacific

March 05, 2007

 IAAF AGREES TELEVISION DEALS IN ASIA/PACIFIC REGION Monte-Carlo - The IAAF is pleased to announce three more broadcasting deals in the Asia/Pacific r...

Media Watch-- Olympics before Earthquake Victims?

June 15, 2008

Bill Dwyre of the La Times asks if China is putting the Olympics ahead of cleaning up devastation wrought by the earthquake.The Chinese People's Daily opines that putting on t...

World Briefs -- Madrid 2016, Universal Sports, Ethical Labor Standards and Olympic Merchandise

June 18, 2008

 Madrid Emblem Carries Olympic Rings Madrid is the latest of the four 2016 candidate cities to use a new logo that includes the Olympic rings. The rings ap...

Media Watch -- Activists and the Highest Paid Athletes

June 22, 2008

Sports Illustrated compiles an annual list of the world’s highest paid athletes. Four Olympians and one future Olympian made the cut.A small mention in the Wall Street Journal...

Media Watch -- Protests in China and Ticket Scams

May 30, 2008

BBC Sports blogger James Pearce predicts anti-China protesters will rethink their plans of appearing at the Games after the Sichuan earthquake.   Peter Scrivener of BBC blogs ...

Countdown Beijing -- Olympic Broadcasters Vent at BOCOG

June 09, 2008

Broadcasters may be forbidden to beam live footage from Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City. (Getty Images)  Bureaucracy and Broadcast Just weeks before...

Media Watch: Backing Baku, Following the Torch

May 04, 2008

 Matthew Moore writes about the bid for Baku for the 2016 Olympics in London’s Telegraph.The BBC and Public Radio International’s program The World has been profiling the Oly...

Media Watch: Students Fight for China, Doping in Beijing

May 11, 2008

 Liu Shinan writes about the Chinese students who are studying abroad and rallying to defend China from “Western media's biased reports”.The China Daily has an opinion about t...

Media Watch: Olympic Menus in Beijing, Search for Green Flame in 2010

May 18, 2008

 The Vancouver Sun talks about the environmental unfriendliness of the Olympic flame. The Wall Street Journal profiles Olympic themed menus in Beijing. Reu...