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Other ATR News

News from the NOCs -- D'Arcy Meets AOC, Solomon Islands Trouble

June 13, 2008

Nick D'Arcy faces court on assualt charges. (Getty Images)  D'Arcy to Miss Beijing It was sink or swim for Nick D’arcy’s chances of making the Beijing Olymp...

Sponsor Spotlight -- Coke Counts Eight Decades with Olympics

June 15, 2008

Coca-Cola dispatched vendors with backpacks during the 1996 Games in Coke's hometown: Atlanta. (Getty Images)  Olympic Beverage since Amsterdam GamesThe yea...

World Briefs -- Madrid 2016, Universal Sports, Ethical Labor Standards and Olympic Merchandise

June 18, 2008

 Madrid Emblem Carries Olympic Rings Madrid is the latest of the four 2016 candidate cities to use a new logo that includes the Olympic rings. The rings ap...

Two Dozen NOCs Celebrate Olympic Day

June 24, 2008

In Beijing, some 1,000 runners took to the streets for an Olympic Day race. Chinese Olympic Committee president and sport minister Liu Peng led the pack. (BO...

Paralympic Countdown: Opening Ceremony, Volunteer Manual Stirs Outrage, Final Preparations Underway in Beijing

May 28, 2008

Beijing Capital International Airport will be fully accessible before the Paralympics. (ATR)  Paralympic Opening Ceremony Details Revealed Opening ceremony ...

SportAccord Briefs -- Security Issues in Beijing, London, Singapore Present

June 05, 2008

IOC Coordination Commission for Beijing chair Hein Verbruggen told the International Federations that they may face increased security at the Games. (ATR)  ...

Fight Against Doping -- New IOC Rule, Gatlin Loses Appeal

June 06, 2008

IOC Communications Director Giselle Davies announces the new IOC rule on eligibility for drug cheats. (ATR)  New IOC Rule Reinforces Fight Against Doping Th...

Vancouver Tops Olympic Cities for Quality of Life

June 11, 2008

Vancouver is the top-rated North American city in the survey as well as among Olympic host cities. (ATR)  (ATR) An annual survey on quality of life and s...

Fight Against Doping: More Drugs Trouble for Montgomery, Relay Team Appeal, HGH Test is Coming

May 02, 2008

Tim Montgomery faces new drugs charges: heroin distribution. (Getty)  Montgomery Jailed for Heroin Disgraced sprinter Tim Montgomery is in jail for dealing...

News from NOCs: Cuba Loses Judo Champ in Miami, Federer the Flag Bearer

May 13, 2008

Yurisel Laborde is thought to have defected to the United States. (Getty Images)  Cuban Judoka Believed to Defect in Miami The Cuban national judo team is b...

World Briefs: Olympic Film Debuts at Cannes, IOC Newsletter for Youth

May 17, 2008

Jean-Claude Killy, winner of three gold medals in Grenoble, is one of the stars of the Lelouche film.  Grenoble Olympics Film Debut in Cannes The Grenoble O...

Media Watch: Olympic Menus in Beijing, Search for Green Flame in 2010

May 18, 2008

 The Vancouver Sun talks about the environmental unfriendliness of the Olympic flame. The Wall Street Journal profiles Olympic themed menus in Beijing. Reu...

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