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Other ATR News

Renovations Underway at Around the Rings HQ

April 14, 2015

(ATR) We're growing! The empty ATR office prior to renovations (ATR) Around the Rings will be coming to you from a temporary location for the next few months while remode...

Volleyball Fan Pardoned for Tehran Protest

April 03, 2015

(ATR) An Iranian-British woman jailed in Tehran for protesting at a volleyball match is now free. Ghavami was arrested attempting to enter an Iranian men's volleyball match...

IOC Gifts Bring Smiles to World Leaders

April 01, 2015

John Kerry cannot disguise his glee upon hearing from Thomas Bach as to what's inside the box. (IOC Christophe Moratal) (ATR) IOC President Thomas Bach is doing his part to b...

Toronto 2015 Reveals Executive Salaries

March 30, 2015

(Getty Images) (ATR) One hundred managers and executives of the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games organizing committee are on the Province of Ontario’s so-called “sunshine list...

Las Vegas Open for Olympic Betting

February 27, 2015

The measure to allow Olympic betting in Las Vegas passed unanimously. (Getty Images) (ATR) Not a peep of dissent was uttered as a measure was passed on Thursday that will all...

La WOA confirme le lieu du Centre de Runion des Olympiens de Rio 2016

February 27, 2015

Monaco, le 27 février 2015 L'Association Mondiale des Olympiens [WOA] a confirmé que le Centre de Réunion des Olympiens de Rio 2016 Rio présenté par EYsera dans l’enceinte ...

Tunnel Near Toronto Pan Am Venue Remains a Mystery

February 24, 2015

Entrance to the tunnel with a ladder (Toronto Police Service) (ATR) Organizers of the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games are not commenting after police revealed on Feb. 24 that...

Hamburg Citizens Aim for Torch Record

February 23, 2015

Hamburg citizens hold up their flames during the fireworks show at Inner Alster Lake. (Witters) (ATR) The citizens of Hamburg made what they hope is a record-setting display ...

Films with Olympic Ties Seek Oscar Gold

February 22, 2015

(ATR) Two films with strong Olympic connections are among those with high hopes at the 87th Academy Awards. The ceremony will take place in Los Angeles, and among the nomin...

Soviet Ice Hockey Gets New Life in "Red Army"

February 19, 2015

Filmmaker Gabe Polsky with a poster for "Red Army" (Getty Images) (ATR) Ice hockey star Alex Ovechkin fires pucks at a net adorned with Russian nesting dolls. With each shot,...

Olympic Betting Nears for U.S. Sports Books

February 13, 2015

Sports gambling is big business in Las Vegas. (Getty Images) (ATR) A resolution is expected this month that could allow some United States sports books to take bets on the Ol...

Kickboxing Champ Lives Sochi Legacy

February 07, 2015

On the occasion of the first anniversary of the Sochi Olympics the Russian International Olympic University submits this Q&A with one of its already accomplished students, I...

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