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ATR In The News

One Point Separates Chicago From Olympic Competitors

September 22, 2008

(NBC5) -- According to an Olympic Web site, one point separates four cities vying for the 2016 Summer Olympic Games.The tight race is based on the "Around The Rings" Olympic b...

Israeli Olympic medalist slammed for comments on Chinese

September 12, 2008

Israeli Olympic medalist slammed for comments on Chinese( - Shahar Tzuberi has not left the headlines. After a big fuss was made over him for being the only Israe...

2016 Olympic Bids Count On Heads of State To Help Chances of Landing Games

August 23, 2008

(The Canadian Press) BEIJING — All four bid cities for the 2016 Olympics met at a reception Saturday organized by Around the Rings and agreed on one thing - they'll have their...

IOC Claims Sponsors, Broadcasters Not Harmed By Negative Issues

August 22, 2008

(Beijing) IOC Dir of TV & Marketing Services Timo Lumme indicated that the IOC and its 12 TOP sponsors "have not been damaged by any negative reporting of issues swirling ar...

Let's Set The Record Straight

August 20, 2008

(Los Angeles Times) BEIJING -– Representatives from five of seven sports being considered for inclusion in the 2016 Olympics spoke this week at a round table sponsored by the ...

A Sticky Subject At Olympic Table Tennis

August 21, 2008

(Los Angeles Times) BEIJING -- Parents, are your teen-agers spending a lot of time all of a sudden in the garage playing ping pong?Glad they're doing something more active tha...

At Least USOC Wasn't Going To Graveyard For Votes

August 19, 2008

(Los Angeles Times) BEIJING -- Consistent with one of the grandest traditions in American politics, the U.S. Olympic Committee has been reprimanded for buying votes.According ...

As TV ratings soar, Olympics organizers flex muscles, look beyond Beijing

August 19, 2008

(Boston Herald) BEIJING - Television viewers around the world are tuning into the Beijing Games in record numbers, and it’s likely to fill the coffers of the International Oly...

A Medal Count That Adds Up To Little

August 18, 2008

(New York Times) - There is no better place in sports than the Olympics to make a sweeping generalization. Trapped inside the rings, bound by great walls of insulation, it bec...

World's fastest man will be determined tonight

August 16, 2008

BEIJING - The excitement continues to build for Saturday night's world fastest human showdown on the track at the Beijing Olympics.The final two rounds of the men's 100 meters...

Security keeps public away from Olympic sponsors

August 12, 2008

BEIJING (AP) - Sponsors are pressing Chinese organizers to permit more public access to the largely deserted Olympic Green, where tight security has allowed only a small num...

There's A Tank At The Front Door

August 13, 2008

(Beijing) Armoured personnel carriers bearing 40mm guns were stationed outside Olympic venues yesterday lending an air of unreality to day four of Olympic competition.Journali...

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