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Fight Against Doping

IOC Reacts Quickly to Weightlifting Expose

January 06, 2020

(ATR) The IOC is reacting quickly to a German TV documentary exposing questionable financial and anti-doping policies of the International Weightlifting Federation. (ATR) ...

En halterophilie, la corruption a l'echelle mondiale

January 06, 2020

L’haltérophilie n’avait pas besoin d’une telle publicité. Plombée par les affaires de dopage, la discipline doit faire face depuis dimanche 5 janvier à un nouveau scandale. ...

ATR Radio: One Week to Lausanne 2020

January 02, 2020

(ATR) Less than a week to the opening ceremony, organizers of the 2020 Winter Youth Olympic Games make their final preparations for the Games in Lausanne. CEO Ian Logan spe...


January 01, 2020

Dear Olympic Friends, As we stand on the threshold of this Olympic Year 2020, we can look back with pride and satisfaction on a memorable 2019 which has set the course for ...

End of Term Message to Stakeholders From WADA President Craig Reedie

December 31, 2019

Craig Reedie's six years as WADA president ends Dec. 31. He will be succeeded by Witold Banka, the Polish sports minister and former elite-level sprinter. Below is Reedie's fa...

NextGen 2020 - Fight Against Doping

January 01, 2020

(ATR) As the Russian doping saga enters its fifth year, a new generation of leadership at the World Anti-Doping Agency will take a turn at resolving the seemingly intractable ...


December 27, 2019

.CIUDAD DE MÉXICO (26 de diciembre de 2019) — Tras un largo y minucioso proceso frente a los casos de doping descubiertos en Lima 2019, hace un par de semanas en la ciudad de ...


December 26, 2019

.MEXICO CITY (December 26, 2019) — After a long and thorough process analyzing the doping cases discovered at Lima 2019, the Panam Sports Executive Committee approved the deci...

NextGen 2020 - Europe

December 25, 2019

Spyros Capralos (ATR) (ATR) Europe still leads the IOC membership with about 40 percent of the members European citizens. But recent classes of new IOC members have been domi...

NextGen 2020 - The New IOC in Africa

December 23, 2019

Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe (ATR) (ATR) A surge in new members from Africa brings fresh voices from the continent with the addition of a dozen new members in seven years. Gol...

NextGen 2020 - New Faces, Ideas for Olympics

December 23, 2019

(ATR) Whether on the field of play or behind the scenes, a new generation is taking hold of the Olympics. The premier Around the Rings NextGen 2020 reviews this new wave of ...

Russian Anti-Doping Agency Appeal of Lenient WADA "ban" a slap in the face for the Global Regulator

December 22, 2019

20 December 2019: The World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) recent report and declaration of non-compliance of the Russian Anti-Doping Agency (RUSADA) indicated that RUSADA wa...

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