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Fight Against Doping


March 27, 2019

The International Weightlifting Federation (IWF) welcomes the support of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) Executive Board (EB) today, after it outlined its recognitio...

Weightlifting Secures IOC Backing for Paris Olympics

March 26, 2019

(ATR) The IOC has recognized weightlifting’s anti-doping reforms and removed its threat to ban the sport from the 2024 Games. Weightlifting is back in the IOC's good graces...

New Generation Carries The Torch For Clean Weightlifting At IWF Youth World Championships

March 22, 2019

A total of 175 young weightlifters from 42 different countries showed how clean sport was the winner when they competed at the recent IWF Youth World Championships, held in La...

AIBA President Will 'Step Aside'

March 22, 2019

(ATR) Olympic boxing federation president Gafur Rakhimov says he will resign in the interests of the sport of boxing. Gafur Rakhimov  (AIBA) “Given the current situation, ...

Leading Sport Managers to Attend the Brazilian Olympic Congress

March 20, 2019

Sponsored by the Brazilian Olympic Committee the 1st Edition of the Brazilian Olympic Congress will be held on April 13, 2019, at the WTC Events Center, in São Paulo, with t...

America vs. Europe in WADA Presidential Campaign -- Top Story Replay

March 16, 2019

(ATR) One of the two official candidates for WADA President tells Around the Rings that the organization must "take into account that we live in a diverse world and not necess...

IPC Conditionally Reinstates Russia

March 15, 2019

(ATR) The International Paralympic Committee officially welcomes Russia back as a conditional member. Andrew Parsons announces Russia's conditional reinstatement last month...

WADA Chief Vows to Bring More Cheats to Justice

March 14, 2019

Craig Reedie (GettyImages) (ATR) Craig Reedie has defended the World Anti-Doping Agency’s decision to bring RUSADA back into the fold. Fall-out from Russia’s state-sponsor...

Top Squash Athletes Required to Receive USADA Anti-Doping Education

March 14, 2019

Working to impress the importance of clean sport and educate athletes from around the world on anti-doping rules, the Professional Squash Association (PSA) and the World Squas...

Teaming Up For Clean Sport At The IWF Youth World Championships

March 14, 2019

Educating the next generation of elite weightlifters on the importance of clean sport and the workings of the anti-doping process has been a key feature of the ongoing 2019 IW...

Richard McLaren Faces Russian Lawsuit

March 12, 2019

(ATR) Canadian lawyer Richard McLaren tells Around the Rings he is facing a lawsuit filed by a group of Russian athletes led by the former president of the Russian Rowing Fede...

Richard McLaren Confirma Demanda Rusa; AMA desmiente

March 12, 2019

(ATR) El abogado canadiense Richard McLaren ha confirmado que enfrenta una demanda interpuesta por un grupo de atletas rusos liderados por el ex presidente de la Federación de...

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