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Op Ed

Op Ed: U.S. Recipe for 2028 Olympics

January 10, 2010

ATR Editor Ed Hula. (ATR) The U.S. Olympic Committee takes the first steps in what will be an 18-year journey to the 2028 Olympics – the next time the Summer Games could possi...

Op Ed -- Optimism for New USOC CEO

January 07, 2010

“There are no second acts in American lives,” said F. Scott Fitzgerald. Scott Blackmun has proven the famous American writer wrong with the announcement by the United States O...

Op Ed: Caribbean Olympic Chief Explains Toronto Pan Am Win

November 12, 2009

I have noted the reports that Mario Vazquez Rana influenced the outcome of the vote for the site of the 2015 Pan Am Games. I question that. The Caribbean, for once voting as a...

Op Ed: Rio 2016 Olympics Certain Seven Years Ago

November 02, 2009

August 24, 2002: Carlos Nuzman beams alongside PASO President Mario Vazquez Rana shortly after Rio de Janeiro won the 2007 Pan Ams at a meeting in Mexico City. (ATR)This week’...

Op Ed: Olympic Spotlight on Rio Crime

October 24, 2009

 It didn't take long for the golden glow of winning the Olympics to turn into a harsh spotlight for Rio de Janeiro. Maybe that's a good thing. Fears that Rio de Janeiro is not...

Op Ed: Munich Holds Early Lead in Race for 2018 Olympics

October 19, 2009

 In the early hours of the race for the 2018 Winter Olympics, a first-time bid from Munich appears to be the city to beat. PyeongChang needs to develop its appeal as the first...

Op Ed: Inside the Olympic Congress

October 13, 2009

British Olympic Association (BOA) chairman Colin Moynihan was part of a group of experts who reviewed all the submissions and interventions at the Olympic Congress in Copenhag...

Op Ed: Keys to 2016 Defeats

October 12, 2009

The Rio de Janeiro victory for the 2016 Olympics shows the impact of teamwork and a unique message can have on a bid. For the losing cities of Chicago, Madrid and Tokyo, the r...

Op Ed: Rogge Legacy Shaped by Final Term

October 10, 2009

 Jacques Rogge is on his way to his final four years as IOC President, with much to do to assure his legacy. Lame duck he better not be. Ed Hula has more in this OpEd from the...

Op Ed: Rugby Makes the Case for Sevens

October 03, 2009

IRB President Bernard Lapasset says "the addition of Rugby Sevens to the Olympics would be a positive move for the sport -- and the 2016 Games." (Getty Images)I read with inte...

Op Ed: John Goodbody on Rugby Sevens and Olympics

September 26, 2009

 In two weeks the IOC will decide whether to admit rugby and golf to the 2016 Olympics. British sportswriter John Goodbody is opposed to the rugby proposal and explains why in...

OpEd: What Next for Olympic Sports Hopefuls?

August 22, 2009

 The way may be cleared for golf and rugby to join the 2016 Olympics. May be. But is all hope lost for any other sports to join the Summer Olympic program? A week ago the IOC ...

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