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Op Ed

OpEd: Speak Up Now to Change Olympics

November 15, 2008

(ATR) The IOC may not be known for listening to what the public thinks about the Olympics, but fans and critics alike currently have an extraordinary opportunity to have their...

Op Ed: Another Campaign for 2016

November 08, 2008

It’s showtime for the seven sports seeking a place on the Olympic program for the 2016 Games. Baseball, golf, karate, roller sports, rugby, softball and squash each will make ...

Op Ed: U.S Vote to Shape Chicago Olympics Bid

November 01, 2008

 The hopes of Chicago for the 2016 Olympics may rest on the outcome of the Nov. 4 election for president of the United States. Despite all the candidates’ slanging on the camp...

Op Ed -- IOC President Ends Mystery, Opens Another

October 25, 2008

IOC President Jacques Rogge surprised nobody with his decision to seek a final term in office. Less certain is what happens with the Olympic Movement through the last five yea...

OpEd: Olympic Movement Democracy

October 18, 2008

A palm-fringed resort in Mexico, speeches by the dozen, lots of shiny awards and elections without opposition. It's sports democracy in action: it's a meeting of the Pan Ameri...

Op Ed: Olympic Immunity from Financial Crisis?

October 04, 2008

If you believe IOC President Jacques Rogge, the Olympics are immune to the turmoil in the financial markets. He told journalists in Geneva this week that he has every confiden...

Op-Ed -- Bye Bye Beijing

August 26, 2008

ATR founder and editor Ed Hula. (ATR) (ATR) I’m headed home today after more than a month in Beijing. It’s the last of more than 15 trips in seven years leading up to the Game...

Op Ed-- One Week Left, Beijing On Course to Victory

August 17, 2008

It's less than a week before the flame goes out at the Beijing Olympics and all seems okay here in the home stretch.There are no major operational issues for stakeholders, whe...

Op Ed -- Promises Made, Promises Kept

August 02, 2008

Seven years ago when Beijing won the 2008 Olympics, promises were made. Some have been kept; others we’re not sure about. “I think certainly we will give media complete freedo...

Op Ed-- Athletes as Victims in Iraq

July 26, 2008

Athletes are once again paying the price for Iraq's political instability. Athletes in training for the Beijing Olympics will stay home, thanks to the political meddling of th...

Op Ed-- Athlete Dramas Build for Beijing Olympics

July 19, 2008

British drugs cheat Dwain Chambers won’t be going to the 2008 Olympics. And that’s a good thing for Beijing, which is in desperate need of athlete triumphs, not troubles.The E...

Op Ed-- Welcome to Beijing

June 28, 2008

With still weeks until the Games, is it possible that Beijing has rolled up the welcome mat before the guests arrive? Maybe it was the sight of surface-to-air missiles on the ...

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