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Op Ed

Op Ed: Legacy Latest Pillar for Olympic Movement

February 02, 2008

This shift in paradigm, pointed out by Olympic bid consultant George Hirthler during the Legacy Lives 2008 conference this week in Barbados, is now driving billions of dollars...

Op Ed: Vancouver Musings

March 01, 2008

A view of Coal Harbor from the IOC hotel for the 2010 Games, the Westin. (ATR) (ATR) After the struggles and worries that went into the Turin Winter Olymp...

Op Ed: Trick Moves for Skateboard Betray IOC Pledges to Sports Federations

June 16, 2007

ATR Editor Ed Hula.  (ATR) Transparency appears to be an illusory ideal for the IOC, as evidenced by the machinations it seems willing to pursue to brin...

Op Ed: Olympic Day Blooms

June 23, 2007

 The patter of a few million feet will be heard around the planet this weekend, running for fun in the latest celebration of Olympic Day, June 23. June 23,...

Op Ed: New Security Worries for London

June 30, 2007

 A casual conversation in Guatemala Thursday with an acquaintance familiar with the workings of the Olympics turned to security at the Games - and at next ...

Money or Talent Behind Sochi Victory?

July 07, 2007

Complaints from the also-rans in the race for the 2014 Olympics that Sochi spent its way to victory may be misplaced. While Salzburg (proudly, it seems) spent a fraction on th...

Op Ed: One Week in Rio de Janeiro

July 21, 2007

  (ATR) With the last seven days just ahead, the 2007 Pan American Games are on track to be declared the best-ever. That's the verdict so far from any numb...

Op Ed: Rio Not Quite Ready for Olympics Bid

July 29, 2007

 With the final days of the Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro here, organizers seem to have passed a crucial test in a longer march towards the 2016 Oly...

Op Ed: Olympic Media Face New Great Wall of China

August 04, 2007

 (ATR) A lot has been said about whether the press will be able to report freely in Beijing for the 2008 Olympics. New rules for the press went into effect...

Op-Ed: "We are Ready"... Well, Not Quite. 8 Things for Beijing to Do for the Olympics

August 11, 2007

 (ATR) The theme song for the year to go mark in Beijing is titled "We Are Ready." It was rolled out with fanfare last week and included in the year to go ...

Op Ed: Battling the Boycott

August 19, 2007

 In these final months to the Beijing Olympics a week may not pass when someone hoping to bring political change to China calls for a boycott of the Games....

Op Ed: Race for 2016 Poses Hard Questions for IOC

September 15, 2007

 Members of the IOC will have some difficult choices to make just over two years from now when they vote on the host for the 2016 Olympics. The seven citie...

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