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Op Ed

Op Ed: Torch Relay Viewpoints

April 12, 2008

  After a week of controversy over Chinese politics and the Olympic Torch Relay, this week's Op Ed samples opinions from columnists around the world. ...

Op Ed: IOC Needs Good Pilot for Sochi Olympics

April 26, 2008

 (ATR) If the road to the Sochi Olympics could be compared to the twists and turns of a bobsleigh track, the IOC should be glad it has an experienced pilot...

Op Ed: New Opportunity for Sport, Olympics

May 03, 2008

 (ATR) After some clumsy attempts in the past few years to change the sports program for the Summer Olympics, the IOC is preparing to try again in 2009. It?s an opportunity to...

Op Ed: Olympic Games - Nation Builder or World Builder?

May 09, 2008

 Topping the medals haul would be another first for China. No small accomplishment, considering China debuted in the Los Angeles Games in 1984. Medals tabl...

Op Ed: Earth Moves in London

May 31, 2008

 The world's biggest regeneration project is now underway -- the first step in the construction of the Olympic Park for the 2012 Games. The work site in ea...

Op Ed-- 2016 Cities Need Fine-Tuning

June 07, 2008

 Despite generally good scores in this week’s IOC report, all is far from perfect for the four cities selected to finish the race for the 2016 Olympics. If we follow the score...

Op Ed-- Olympics Share Brand for Good Cause

June 14, 2008

 This year marks the anniversary of an agreement struck 20 years ago with the IOC that has allowed Special Olympics to become a movement on its own. It’s t...

Op Ed -- No Olympic Day for Iraq

June 21, 2008

 Olympic Day 2008 will be toasted June 23 in Lausanne in the sleek new pavilion built at IOC headquarters. But in Baghdad, there is little to celebrate, as...

Op Ed: The Other Shoe Drops for Marion Jones, IOC

October 06, 2007

(Getty Images)   Nothing rewrites Olympic history like a drugs scandal. With the admission by Marion Jones that she lied about her drug use to U.S. inves...

Op Ed: Kodak Ends Olympics Era, Sign of Change

October 13, 2007

 The latest sign of the technology changes sweeping the business of the Olympic Movement comes with word that Kodak will no longer sponsor the Games after ...

Op Ed: Politics To Rule Bid City Choices

January 05, 2008

With the election of a host for the Olympics as one the major duties for the International Olympic Committee, 2008 provides two chances for members to have their say on where ...

IOC Faces Fork in the Road with Youth Olympics

January 26, 2008

“If you see a fork in the road, take it.” That’s one of the enduring aphorisms spun by Yogi Berra, famous for his interesting use of language as well as his steady play for th...

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