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Op Ed

Op Ed: Battling the Boycott

August 19, 2007

 In these final months to the Beijing Olympics a week may not pass when someone hoping to bring political change to China calls for a boycott of the Games....

Op Ed: Race for 2016 Poses Hard Questions for IOC

September 15, 2007

 Members of the IOC will have some difficult choices to make just over two years from now when they vote on the host for the 2016 Olympics. The seven citie...

Op Ed: Olympic Battles Bely Olympics Harmony

September 22, 2007

ATR Editor Ed Hula    Op Ed: Olympic Battles Bely Olympics Harmony As much as the Olympics are supposed to be a force for harmony and peace, why do the ...

Op Ed: USOC Takes Lead in Anti-Doping Fight

January 12, 2008

 Equivocation and denial are common traits among elite athletes and leagues when the subject is doping. So it is worthy to note that the U.S. Olympic Commi...

Op Ed: Iraq NOC Deserves Glare of International Spotlight

October 20, 2007

  Just three years ago, Iraq was a darling of the Olympic world. A new national Olympic committee replaced the horrific regime of Uday Hussein. Months l...

Op Ed: No Bid Before Its Time

January 19, 2008

Busan, a port city, is Korea’s second biggest metropolis.  Politicians with Olympic ambitions excel in their ability to put the cart before the horse, if I ...

Op Ed: Unequal Justice

December 08, 2007

Bonds pleaded not guilt this week during his first court appearance since he was charged last month. (Getty Images)  (ATR) Barry Bonds will keep his home ru...

Op Ed: IOC Has Opportunity to Make Historic Decision

March 15, 2008

Following the 4th IOC World Conference on Women and Sport in Jordan this week, participants formulated an Action Plan that stated as its first priority “to seize upcoming oppo...

Op Ed: Changes for Cycling; Let Riders Take Charge?

September 29, 2007

 It is a modest proposal. But it may be the only way for elite cycling to restore a tarnished image. With many top cyclists wary of attempts by the Interna...

Op Ed: Flame Fiasco No Surprise

April 19, 2008

 There should be no surprise over the fiasco that the Beijing Olympic Torch Relay has become. The first rumblings of trouble appeared a year ago when the 2...

Op Ed: Torch Relay Tests China, IOC, Sponsors, Press

March 29, 2008

RWB secretary general Robert Menard is led away by police. (Getty Images) If what happened at the flame lighting ceremony in Ancient Olympia March 24 is any indication, the in...

Op Ed: Athletes and an "Alien" to Address Olympic Darfur Crisis?

February 16, 2008

 (ATR) "It's all about the athletes" is one of the guiding aphorisms for the Olympic Movement. In the wake of Steven Spielberg's resignation from the cerem...

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