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Op Ed

Op Ed: Athletes and an "Alien" to Address Olympic Darfur Crisis?

February 16, 2008

 (ATR) "It's all about the athletes" is one of the guiding aphorisms for the Olympic Movement. In the wake of Steven Spielberg's resignation from the cerem...

Op Ed: 17 Days of Fireworks

February 23, 2008

 (ATR) It’s the final night of the Lunar New Year Festival in China and from my airplane window, fireworks flicker across the black expanse of northeast Ch...

Op Ed: Chicago 2016 Needs a Democratic President, Olympic Boycott Games and Autonomy of Sport, Who Cares?

February 09, 2008

 The hopes of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics may now rest on the outcome of the November 4 election for U.S. President. Now that former Salt Lake City...

Op Ed : IOC Battles "Misquote" on Human Rights

December 01, 2007

Speaking in Valencia, Rogge says the IOC cannot become involved in political issues within a country that do not affect the conduct of the Olympic Games.  ...

Olympic Turning Points: Events That Made a Difference in 2007

December 15, 2007

  The naming of Sochi as the host of the 2014 Olympics tops the list of turning points for the Olympics in the past year. This final Op Ed for 2007 takes ...

Op Ed: Green is the Color of the Olympics

October 26, 2007

 It’s an absolutely grey day in Beijing with a mist in the air thick enough for even Beijingers to complain about. What better backdrop could there be for ...

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