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Sochi 2014

Record-Setting Golden 25 -- Top Story Replay

January 07, 2018

(ATR) Around the Rings readers set a record for the 2018 edition of the Golden 25. Gunilla Lindberg, #7 on the Golden 25, received the most reads (ATR) More than 50,000 r...

CAS Does Not Have Jurisdiction to Entertain the Appeal Filed by the IBSF

January 04, 2018

Lausanne, 4 January 2018 – The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has issued an Order on request for provisional measures declaring that it does not have jurisdiction to en...

Luge Federation Contradicts IOC Verdict -- Federations Focus

January 03, 2018

(ATR) The International Luge Federation chooses to forego sanctions against Russian athletes Tatyana Ivanova and Albert Demchenko despite lifetime bans from the International ...

ATR Golden 25 - Solving Russia Doping Crisis #1

January 01, 2018

(ATR) For the second Olympics in a row, the participation of Russia at the Olympics is a divisive and awkward issue. No Russian flag will be flying at PyeongChang 2018 (ATR) ...

ATR Golden 25 - PyeongChang 2018 Organization #2

December 31, 2017

(ATR) The future of the Winter Olympics rests on what happens in South Korea six weeks from now. Jeongseon is the venue for Alpine skiing speed events (ATR) With confirmed...

Russia Ski Association Avoids Suspension

December 29, 2017

(ATR) The International Ski Federation (FIS) will not suspend the Russian Ski Association as long as it provides “ full cooperation and support” to any and all investigations....

ATR Golden 25 - IOC President Thomas Bach #5

December 30, 2017

(ATR) IOC President Thomas Bach enters the second half of his eight-year mandate with accomplishments. The next four years bring challenges that the status quo can't solve. ...

Mutko Relinquishes World Cup Post

December 27, 2017

(ATR) Days after temporarily stepping aside as president of the Russian Football Union, Vitaly Mutko is out as head of the Russia 2018 World Cup organizing committee. Vital...

ATR Golden 25 - IOC Doyen Richard Pound #12

December 26, 2017

(ATR) Since 1978, Richard Pound has earned the distinction as the sage of the IOC in a range of significant posts. IOC doyen Richard Pound tends to speak his mind. (WADA) ...

Mutko Steps Down from Russian Football Role

December 25, 2017

(ATR) Russian Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko stepped down from his role as President of the Russian Football Union. Vitaly Mutko (Kremlin) Mutko told reporters in Russ...

IOC Sanctions More Russian Athletes from Sochi

December 22, 2017

(ATR) Eleven more Russian athletes are sanctioned in the latest findings by the IOC's Oswald Commission. The Oswald Commission has opened 46 cases from Sochi (IOC) Only tw...

IOC's Olympic Athlete from Russia Implementation Group releases guidelines for uniforms, accessories and equipment

December 20, 2017

Following a meeting with representatives of the suspended Russian Olympic Committee last week the OARIG has established a list of principles relating to the design of the OAR'...

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