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Summer 2020

Panasonic Chief Joins Tokyo 2020 Organising Committee

January 25, 2016

Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro Mori at today's press conference (ATR/ Yoshiyuki Unno) (ATR) The head of Panasonic Corporation is one of two new vice presidents to join the Toky...

IOC Praise for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium Plans

January 22, 2016

Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro Mori and John Coates (ATR/Hironori Hashimoto) (ATR) IOC inspectors have shrugged off concerns about Tokyo Games preparations, saying they “couldn...

IOC Examines Tokyo Olympic Costs, Stadium Plans

January 20, 2016

(ATR) IOC inspectors for Tokyo 2020 will seek assurances about budgets and the new Olympic stadium scheme in their project review starting Thursday. John Coates (Getty) IO...

Tokyo 2020 to Seek Public Feedback for New Logo

January 11, 2016

(Getty) (ATR) Tokyo 2020 is spending $680,000 to register, trademark and run plagiarism checks on the four designs shortlisted to become the Games new logo. The Tokyo 2020...

Tokyo 2020 Chief Motivates Staff; Logo Designs Shortlisted

January 05, 2016

Yoshiro Mori addresses Tokyo 2020 staff (ATR/Shusuke Hirata) (ATR) Yoshiro Mori tells the Tokyo 2020 organising committee to “work hard as one team” in 2016. In his New Ye...

Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium Design Selected

December 22, 2015

(ATR) Tokyo 2020 president Yoshiro Mori says he is confident the new Olympic stadium design chosen Tuesday will be the “perfect setting” for athletes and spectators. The ne...

New Appointments for Tokyo 2020 Olympics

December 18, 2015

(Getty) (ATR) Tokyo 2020 appointed three new organising committee members on Friday. Yusuke Sakaue is named vice director general, Toshiro Yonemura gets the role of chief ...

$1.3 Billion Deal for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Stadium

December 01, 2015

Hiroshi Hase,Yoichi Masuzoe and Toshiaki Endo (ATR/Ayumu Maruyama) (ATR) The Japanese and metropolitan governments have reached a deal to finance the new 2020 Olympic stadium...

Tokyo 2020 15th Gold Partner; IPC Sponsor First

November 26, 2015

Phil Craven and Toyota's Toyoda at a press conference in Tokyo Thursday (Getty) (ATR) Japanese Olympic organizers announced LIXIL as the latest top-tier sponsor, while Inter...

Tokyo 2020 Awaits Thousands of Logo Submissions

November 25, 2015

Miyata and his selection committee (ATR/Yoshiyuki Unno) (ATR) Tokyo 2020 organisers could receive up to 10,000 applications for a new logo after scrapping the previous emblem...

Tokyo 2020 Signs 19th Sponsor

October 16, 2015

IOC co-comm chair for Tokyo John Coates and organizing committee president Yoshiro Mori at a press conference this week (Tokyo 2020) (ATR) Games organizers on Friday added a ...

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