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Vancouver 2010

Arrival Day in Prague for 2010 Cities

June 28, 2003

(ATR) - By the end of the day delegations from each of the 2010 bid cities will have arrived in Prague to begin lobbying in these final days of the campaign. Salzburg bid lead...

Pyeongchang 2010: "A Special Choice"

June 29, 2003

(ATR) - The head of Pyeonchang's bid for the 2010 Olympics says the IOC should not hesitate in selecting his region as the host of the 2010 Games.Gangwon province governor Kim...

Gretzky Joins Canada's Olympic Bid

July 01, 2003

(ATR) - Across Canada, July 1 is the national holiday of the country's founding in 1867. This year the holiday is being marked for hundreds of Canadians in Prague, where they ...

Herman Maier: Salzburg has "Best Venues"

July 01, 2003

(ATR) - The man who has become legend for his heroics on the Olympic ski slopes will try to lend some of his magic to Salzburg's presentation of its 2010 candidacy to the Inte...

Vancouver to Hire

March 30, 2004

(ATR) - Vancouver 2010's organizing committee says it expects to hire by summer five executive vice-presidents to help CEO John Furlong. Advertising for the positions of human...

Vancouver Preperations in Full Swing

November 14, 2003

(ATR) - Just four months after Vancouver won the 2010 Winter Games, the International Olympic Committee has wasted little time in making sure preparations for the Games start ...

Jack Poole Expected 2010 Chair

October 27, 2003

(ATR) - The newly-named board of directors for the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games is expected to name Jack Poole as its chairman when it holds its first meeting October 28.Poo...

2010 Commision Named, Rogge to Visit

September 24, 2003

(ATR) - The members of the coordination commission for the Vancouver Olympics has been named. The 11-member group includes several alumni of the IOC commission that evaluated ...

Vancouver 2010 Gets First IOC Check-Up

September 03, 2003

(ATR) - The chairman of the International Olympic Committee's coordination commission for the Vancouver Winter Games pays his first visit to the city in that role this week.Re...

Furlong Named CEO For 2010 Olympics

February 20, 2004

(ATR) - John Furlong has been named chief executive officer of the Vancouver Olympics. He was offered the job after a two-hour meeting of the Vancouver 2010 board of directors...

2010 Commission Begins With Pyeongchang

March 23, 2003

(ATR) - Pyeongchang, the candidate from South Korea for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games is being scrutinized this weekend by the IOC's evaluation commission. The visit is the fi...

Pyeongchang Games May Boost Korean Peace

March 23, 2003

(ATR) - The chairman of the IOC's Evaluation Commission says the possibility of peace between the Koreas from the springboard of the Winter Olympics is one of the reasons to c...

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